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Portraits of Norwall Kids

An illustration for the WIP,The Boy… Forever

Today’s Art-Day Saturday post is about the pictures I have drawn to establish in my mind the characters that make up the fictional world of Norwall, Iowa. Specifically, the kids in my YA novels.

Milt Morgan, wizard of the Norwall Pirates

I do manage character development and detailed descriptions by creating early on a picture of what the character looks like for me.

Sherry Cobble, nudist, twin sister of Shelly, also a nudist
Mike Murphy and his girlfriend, Blueberry Bates
Edward-Andrew Campbell
Brent Clarke, first leader of the Norwall Pirates
Dilsey Murphy, everybody’s big sister
Torrie Brownfield, the Baby Werewolf
Grandma Gretel Stein, Todd Niland, Sherry Cobble, Sandy Wickham
Francois Martin, the Sad Clown who Sings
Anita Jones, the girlfriend of Superchicken
Valerie Clarke, the most beautiful girl ever born in Norwall

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What a Wacky World!

Hop aboard the Mickian Paffooney school bus. We are headed for a bit of loony-time wacky weirdness and other things to learn sponsored by the letter “W”.

The cast of characters is somehow almost recognizable in spite of spots and stripes and clownish clues.

And dangers like tygers are hidden in every jungle mile of the cartoon landscape.

And one never knows how the physics of the situation will play out in the science of the basic script.

And heroines quite formidable present themselves confident, competent, and ready for battle.

And of course, there are villains, introducing chaos, messing up our lives, and becoming President of the United States.

But life is a wild car chase complete with alligators and flying saucers.

And it is difficult to determine what is actually true, and what is nothing more than hoo-haw.


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A Peek Inside the Portfolio

Here’s a bit of the file called Novel Pix (illustrations for my novels);

from Stardusters and Space Lizards
from AeroQuest
from Sing Sad Songs
from Snow Babies
from Fools and Their Toys
from When the Captain Came Calling
from Superchicken
from Catch a Falling Star
When the Captain Came Calling
from Snow Babies
from The Baby Werewolf
from Recipes for Gingerbread Children

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The Purpose of a Portfolio

This is a picture from the portfolio I keep of old drawings and paintings. It is from the 1970’s. It gives me a window into the artistic process. I can look at this and compare it to more recent work to see what progress I have made, how far I have come from then to now.

This is the latest one to make its way from my portfolio to the scanner. It was drawn with colored pencil in 1980 (As you can see in the corner if your eyes are better than mine. A portfolio is a magical thing. It preserves the fruits of the talents of the past for the use in the present, and in the future.

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Picture Making

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Colorful Art for Art Day

One of the things that makes me an artist is my love of color.

Oddly, my love of color comes partly from my partial color-blindness. I was diagnosed as having a red-and-green color-blindness, just as my Great Grandma Hinckley had life long, culminating in total black-and-white vision in her 90’s. The realization that I did not see colors as vividly as other people do gave me motivation to appreciate colors more, and ramp up the brightness and the contrasts of the colors I used in my artwork.

Color conveys emotion. It also makes your perceptions change, conform, and reshape themselves according to the artist’s use of the color. It allows the artist to reach into your heart and your head and change things.

If I have manipulated you with color and done something to your insides that I probably shouldn’t have done, I apologize. But, then again, I don’t apologize. It is simply what an artist does.

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Son of Fire


August 21, 2019 · 2:38 pm