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My first good novel published with I-Universe is available at;

Amazon  You can find it at this link.

Barnes and Noble  You can find it at this link.

I-Universe You can find it at this link (even in hard cover)




The sequel to Catch a Falling Star, self-published through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing in both e-book and paperback forms  You can find it through this link.







The book Snow Babies was submitted to Chanticleer Reviews’ YA novel contest in 2012.  It made it to the final round of judging, though it didn’t win the contest category.   It is now self-published through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing in both e-book and paperback forms.  You can find it through this link.




20180106_183154The book Magical Miss Morgan was also submitted to Chanticleer Reviews’ Dante Rosetti YA Novel awards for 2016.  It also made it to the final round of an expanded competition with more submissions to compete with than before, but with more categories to place in, it still managed not to win any prizes.  It also came at a time when the publisher I had hoped to publish with went out of business.  So, I chose to pay to get it published through Page Publishing.

It can be found at Amazon through this link.

It can also be found at Barnes and Noble with this link.



Superchicken is my very first hometown novel about the softball team and liar’s club known as the Norwall Pirates.  I wrote it before any of these other books, but did not publish it until 2018.  It is the book with the most facts and least amount of wacky wild fantasy in it.  A great deal of it actually happened in real life.  It has talking cats, musically minded foxes, and teenage nudist girls in it.  I am certainly not going to reveal which parts of that are real.

You can find it on Amazon with this link.  It is available both in paperback and kindle formats.



And my latest novel is the sequel-equal-prequel to the book Catch a Falling Star, meaning this story happens before, during, and after the events of that book.

The Bicycle-Wheel Genius is a story about how sometimes friendship and love of our peers is the only way to heal after enduring the very worst things that life can throw at you.

It is a book full of time travel, rabbit people, killer androids from outer space, and a genius who loves making things with bicycle wheels on them.

You can find a paperback or a kindle copy of this book at Amazon through this link.