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You are a wonderful person,

And this is my message to you,

Whether or not you believe it,

I want you to know this is true.

All people in their own way are special,

And you are the very best you.

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My Book Promotion (a free book!)

Click on this link to get a free e-book,


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In Between the Book Things

I now have published in paperback the second book in the AeroQuest re-write, AeroQuest 2 – The Planet of the White Spider. My first paper copy appeared in the mailbox yesterday. I am busily now working on both AeroQuest 3 – Juggling Planets and The Boy… Forever. So, I have been busy writing.

I am also planning to start a Free-Book promotion for last winter’s published book, Sing Sad Songs, tomorrow. So, I am definitely getting book stuff done happily and productively. It is just the rest of my life that sucks now.

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Milestone #17

The Catch a Falling Star blog now has 1,700 followers.

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Again He Re-Writes!

I have published part two of my rewrite of the novel AeroQuest. It is now available from Amazon in both Kindle e-book and paperback editions. It is liberally illustrated and far superior to the previous form of this novel published through Publish America and now out of print.

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Accomplishment for 2019

I did it! I can now be a teacher again.

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Two at One Blow

I hold in my hands now, the first two printed paperbacks of my two 2019 novels… AeroQuest 1 : Stars and Stones, and When the Captain Came Calling. Both novels were not actually written in 2019, but both were finished and published this year.

Both are available on Amazon.

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