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Celebration 1,900

My blog on WordPress, Catch a Falling Star, now has 1,900 followers for the very first time.

You may have noticed that my blog is about surrealist art, fantasy fiction for young adults, and a somewhat strange idea of what humor is all about.


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A Second Brief Note

I forgot to add to that last post that my book of essays, Laughing Blue, is still free to own until tomorrow midnight.

It now has four five-star reviews. Wow! 20 whole stars! I must not have gotten everything wrong.

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Brief by Accident

I have just now recovered from a computer crash. So, this post will have to be brief. I am still restoring programs with passwords I may have forgotten.

Yesterday Amazon delivered my first copy of The Wizard in his Keep. The novel was written almost entirely during the time I had to struggle with a computer that is breaking down more and more frequently.

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Having Friday Free

Don’t get me wrong. Now that I am retired (and probably dying from one or more of my six incurable diseases, or the return of cancer, because I can’t afford to see the doctor anymore) I don’t have anything on my schedule all week that I didn’t put there myself. But I just finished a novel and published it. And all my bills are paid for the month. And I voted against the pumpkinhead and the rest of the Republicans too just for being elephants first and human beings second. So, I have today free to do whatever I want.

This link is to the NEW one, book # 17.

And not only that, I am giving away my book of essays for free from today until Tuesday midnight. It is made up of essays, most of which appeared on this blog sometime in the years since I started it in 2013.

Laughing Blue contains essays about what it is like to be a middle school English teacher who doesn’t have enough sense to hate kids. It is also about many other things you don’t often think about. Like what it feels like to resist becoming a nudist for most of your life and failing once you retire. And the love-life of the little sofa in Aunt Minnie’s TV room. And the Intergalactic Bad Poetry Contest, including some notable examples from aliens living in exile here on Earth.

You might really consider clicking on the link and getting yourself a copy. There are at least a few chuckles in that book. I know for a fact because I hunted them down, trapped them, and pasted them in there myself.

But those are the most important reasons that I have Friday Free. I got no worries… for the rest of my… week. So, I’m gonna have some fun.

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It Came in the Mail!

While being still locked down for the pandemic due to health problems, I finished and published my book of essays. I hold the first copy in my hands.

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Laughing Blue Essays

Now you can read some of the best of this blog in book form. Available in both Kindle e-book and paperback forms.

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Yabba Dabba Doo!

My COVID 19 test came back completely negative.

Yes, I drew the Fred in black and white to celebrate, but I used the kids’ frame from the cereal box to do it.

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A Field Guide to Fauns

I did it again. I now hold in my hands the first printed copy of A Field Guide to Fauns. It is my first pro-naturism novel, even though it is really more about healing from a traumatic divorce, abuse, and severe depression. It is set in a nudist park. Devon, the main character, is a fifteen-year-old boy struggling to adjust to a change in his parents’ custody arrangements after abuse and depression force him to live with a father who has remarried into a family of nudists. Devon is also an artist who deals with the world through drawing. And more than ever, Devon has begun to suspect that he is actually a mythological forest creature… a faun.

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Day-Off Off Day

I am taking the day off from writing since I finished the novel yesterday. I need some unwinding time, so I am not writing stuff today. Re-read, edits, revisions, and proof-reads all begin tomorrow. So, don’t even count this post today. I am not writing today. Not even correcting spellling.

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The Final Day… Here Again

No, I am not breaking out of quarantine. And I am not about to die. It is the final day of writing my novel, A Field Guide to Fauns. I will have the manuscript complete before the day is over, ready for editing and proofreading tomorrow… or in a day or two.

I can say I will finish confidently because I am absolutely certain there is no more than two or three pages left in the story plan.

But writing my novel is not the only useful thing I have been doing. I have been solving endless plumbing problems in our old house. I have also been doing yard-work in between bouts of rain. And I decided to break out an old Christmas gift from my sister, given to me in the 80’s, and put it together.

You can see from my progress pictures that it is definitely not the last day for this particular project.

I was able to successfully move my recent painting projects, including the Toonerville Congregational Church, to their new location on Fireplace Mantle Street.

So, as with all of life, as one thing ends, other things continue. And some even begin.

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