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Love Potion Number Nine

I now hold in my hands my author’s copy of Sing Sad Songs, my ninth young adult novel. It is a romantic tragedy filled with love and death, magic, clowns, and angels. It is meant to make you laugh, cry, and fall in love. It is not the first novel in my hometown series, but it is one of the best.

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Published Once More…

So, I have done it again. I published novel number nine. The first for 2019.

Here is the Amazon link;

Sing Sad Songs Amazon blurb;

Francois is now an orphan. He was in the car with his mother and father and twin sister when it went over the edge of the cliff, but somehow he survived. The only survivor. And even worse news, his only living relatives able to take him in live in Iowa in the United States, not in France, the only home he has ever known. So, what can a boy do about such a tragic situation? Well, Francois puts clown paint on his face and starts to sing. He can sing only sad songs. His heart is broken. But people hear his beautiful voice and begin falling in love with him. Soon the only one who does not love Francois is a secret serial killer who stalks young boys, leaving their poisoned bodies with a teddy bear for comfort in their coming life as a ghost. It is safe to say this is not exactly a happy comedy. But can despair be overcome by sheer beauty?

There is a certain amount of satisfaction in this publication effort. When I retired as a school teacher, I promised myself I would at least get to the publication of this book before I left this Earth and became a ghost writer… literally. So, now, if I can publish the next novel, Fools and Their Toys, it will be a step beyond my original goal. My legacy for my family will never be a monetary one, but at least I have this to leave behind.

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Hot Off the Press…

Yes, I published another one within a month of its companion book. The Baby Werewolf is the other part of the story from Recipes for Gingerbread Children. I hold the first copy in my hands today. It is my 8th published novel that I am actually proud of having written.


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The Baby Werewolf

My latest book is now for sale on Amazon. Here’s the paperback link.

Its companion book is this one, Recipes for Gingerbread Children. The two books happen at the same time with the same characters and events. But it comes to the story from different viewpoints and weaves different portraits of what happened.

Here is the link for this companion book.

The Kindle e-book version is cheap, costing only $1.50. It’s even free to read if you subscribe to Amazon Prime.

Here’s the link.


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Another Book Published

I now hold in my hands the first paperback copy of Recipes for Gingerbread Children

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A Gingerbread Announcement

My book is now available from Amazon books, both paperback and Kindle.

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Another Novel Done

Sing Sad Songs cover a

I finished another rough draft novel last night.  And when I say rough draft, I really mean I have pieced it together at a rate of about 500 words a night, about two nights per Canto (What Mickey inexplicably calls a chapter), with revisions and editing already complete.  Of course, there is no such thing as a final draft.  The majority of my novels have been plotted and planned and created over the last 40 years of my life.  I will continue twiddling, correcting, and messing with all of my novels until I drop dead.  But this draft I just finished is actually 95% finished and almost ready for publication.  The books I have lined up now for a final effort are Recipes for Gingerbread Children, The Baby Werewolf, and finally including Sing Sad Songs.  Look for all three of them soon.

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