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Ich Bin Jetzt ein Naturist

The actual card is inside this plastic case. I thought it might be a bad idea to show my membership number and everything.

Yes, my membership card for the AANR arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon. AANR is the American Association for Nude Recreation. My membership is for two years in the South West Region.

But before you immediately unfollow me for my blazing stupidity, let me explain a bit why this nonsense is actually a good thing.

You see, I have had a very long road of avoiding becoming a real nudist. A former girlfriend introduced me to the whole idea of nudism back in the 1980’s. But, I was terrified of being naked in front of other people, mostly because as a victim of a sexual assault as a child, I had traumatic memories about nakedness, but also because my parents and grandparents had taught me to be ashamed of showing off my nakedness to anyone outside the family. And also because I was a middle-school teacher at the time and parents doubt your abilities to keep their children safe if they know you like to prance around outdoors naked.

But I find I have a certain need for nakedness in my life. It is not a sexual thing. Rather it is a sensual thing. And surprisingly, God made us to be chemically dependent on being naked at least for a portion of our lives. Going without sunlight deprives you of enough vitamin D to cause serious depression, self hatred, and even thoughts of self harm. And oxytocin is generated in the pituitary gland in response to being naked among like-minded others. It’s the chemical that makes Scotsmen more fertile than other men if they don’t wear underwear under their kilts. Now, with diabetes, arthritis, and psoriasis plaguing my old flesh, I find that being nude helps immensely. Naked under the sun dries and cools the skin to fight psoriasis plaques, balances my blood sugar quicker, and warms my aching joints.

And I think most people from childhood onwards experience a longing for the innocent freedom of being without the restraints of clothing. I admit to being more than a little obsessed with childish nudity as displayed in many of my artworks. But that does not in itself make me a pervert or a pederast. It is not a sexualized obsession. To be honest, naked children are sexually kinda icky. They don’t engender feelings of arousal, but rather an urge to parentally protect and watch over them, keeping them safe from the demons that ruined my own childhood.

You actually gain confidence and self-control by practicing social nudity with other nudists. This is something I had long suspected was true, but didn’t actually learn until I went for a day to the Bluebonnet Nudist Park North of Dallas.

And it may well be that having the membership card and using that to legitimize the stories I write about nudists and nudism is the only benefit I will get from the membership. I have a desire to go camping in a tent with other nudists, or participate in a nude bike ride in California or New Orleans. But my health keeps me from doing those things totally on my own. And my family members think I am crazy and want nothing to do with going along to help with those plans.

So, I am left being a nudist mostly by myself, and mostly for reasons of writing humorous stories about it.

But now that I finally have an official membership card, I can truthfully say, “I have now lost my long-running battle to not become nudist. Mickey now officially is one. On paper at least.

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Down the Gravel Road

Today I took my number-two son to the airport. He is determined to see friends in California over the course of his two-and-a-half days off. So, he is traveling during a pandemic. But he has had Covid already and is probably still pretty much immune.

It left me with some thinking time on the drive home from the airport, though it cut into my actual writing time.

Work has begun on The Boy Who Rose on a Golden Wing. It is a project that will take some time.

That is a story about growing up and overcoming bipolar disorder and depression. It will be for older teens.

And I have an idea that blossomed from this old illustration. I was thinking about it while driving. I want to write a book about a talking dog. It will be targeted more for younger kids. He solves crimes on the Niland farm and in the rural Iowa town where the Niland family lives and goes to church. Of course, though the character is based mostly on Mr. Peabody from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, Horatio T. Dogg is also based on my own talking dog, Jade Beyer. In the story Horatio T. Dogg, Super Sleuth, the dog actually only talks to his owner, Bobby Niland. Much in the same way that Jade only talks to me.

Dang! Just what I need. Another story idea that I need to write before I die. I will have to stay alive until I’m 125.

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Lazy Day

Today I feel drained. I finally got myself on the vaccination list. I am in the 1B priority category due to diabetes. If the number they gave me indicates the number of people in line ahead of me, there are well more than three-hundred-thousand people that have to get their vaccine before they get to me. So, after two straight days of writing almost twice as much as the usual 500 words, I fully intend to write less today. I will revisit some pictures instead.


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The Unprecedented Book #19

I have really done it now. I have published my 19th book. This is the second book-length compilation of essays from this blog. This one is a little less bizarre than Laughing Blue, but it is also a little more autobiographical, which is probably worse.

I successfully got away with publishing a lot of photos in color in the e-book which made it cost $2.99. But the extra two dollars should be worth it. Especially because it has a lot of rememberries in it, and berries are fruit. Therefore, it should be viewed as a healthy part of your reading diet.

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Celebration 1,900

My blog on WordPress, Catch a Falling Star, now has 1,900 followers for the very first time.

You may have noticed that my blog is about surrealist art, fantasy fiction for young adults, and a somewhat strange idea of what humor is all about.


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A Second Brief Note

I forgot to add to that last post that my book of essays, Laughing Blue, is still free to own until tomorrow midnight.

It now has four five-star reviews. Wow! 20 whole stars! I must not have gotten everything wrong.

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Brief by Accident

I have just now recovered from a computer crash. So, this post will have to be brief. I am still restoring programs with passwords I may have forgotten.

Yesterday Amazon delivered my first copy of The Wizard in his Keep. The novel was written almost entirely during the time I had to struggle with a computer that is breaking down more and more frequently.

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Having Friday Free

Don’t get me wrong. Now that I am retired (and probably dying from one or more of my six incurable diseases, or the return of cancer, because I can’t afford to see the doctor anymore) I don’t have anything on my schedule all week that I didn’t put there myself. But I just finished a novel and published it. And all my bills are paid for the month. And I voted against the pumpkinhead and the rest of the Republicans too just for being elephants first and human beings second. So, I have today free to do whatever I want.

This link is to the NEW one, book # 17.

And not only that, I am giving away my book of essays for free from today until Tuesday midnight. It is made up of essays, most of which appeared on this blog sometime in the years since I started it in 2013.

Laughing Blue contains essays about what it is like to be a middle school English teacher who doesn’t have enough sense to hate kids. It is also about many other things you don’t often think about. Like what it feels like to resist becoming a nudist for most of your life and failing once you retire. And the love-life of the little sofa in Aunt Minnie’s TV room. And the Intergalactic Bad Poetry Contest, including some notable examples from aliens living in exile here on Earth.

You might really consider clicking on the link and getting yourself a copy. There are at least a few chuckles in that book. I know for a fact because I hunted them down, trapped them, and pasted them in there myself.

But those are the most important reasons that I have Friday Free. I got no worries… for the rest of my… week. So, I’m gonna have some fun.

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It Came in the Mail!

While being still locked down for the pandemic due to health problems, I finished and published my book of essays. I hold the first copy in my hands.

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Laughing Blue Essays

Now you can read some of the best of this blog in book form. Available in both Kindle e-book and paperback forms.

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