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Two at One Blow

I hold in my hands now, the first two printed paperbacks of my two 2019 novels… AeroQuest 1 : Stars and Stones, and When the Captain Came Calling. Both novels were not actually written in 2019, but both were finished and published this year.

Both are available on Amazon.

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The Good News

This, for me, has been a very difficult and bad week. But I will have to tell you about that in the future post after I find the funny parts hidden in the suffering. The good news for today is that I got the book I have been rewriting published.

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Impending Publishment

By the end of this week I will republish my rewritten novel AeroQuest as part one of a trilogy, or possible quadrilogy, or even, maybe, a quintology.

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Novel Number 11

It is now published and available on Amazon.


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Transition Time

I have reached the point that I have to change the novel I am showing you on Tuesdays. When the Captain Came Calling is in the final proof-reading stage where I am almost ready to publish.

Now, I need a replacement.

I have decided to use the wreckage of my out-of-print disaster of a novel, Aeroquest as the new Work in Progress.

So, here is a look at the initial cover art mock-up for the re-vamped Aeroquest1.

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The Draft is Complete

The novel I have been working on since 1996-97 is finally a complete first draft. I finished the one novel I had thought I would never be able to complete And it doesn’t suck as much as I used to think. It is a very hard story to tell, but sometimes the Herculean effort is what makes it worth doing. Now it is on to revision, editing… and dare I think it… Publication!

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My Second Free Book Promotion

Once again I am giving away free Kindle e-book copies of one of my books in the hope that a few people will actually read it. In my previous experience I have found that everybody that has read one of my books has loved the book. The book this time is Recipes for Gingerbread Children.

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