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Sometimes Even Mickey Boasts a Little!


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May 19, 2017 · 3:30 am



I have reached 900 followers.  Who knew there were 900 people in the blogosphere goofy enough to follow a cartoony former school teacher who collects dolls because of raging hoarding disorder?  I am a loony conspiracy theory lover (though only a believer of a select few).  I have six incurable diseases and am a cancer survivor since 1983.  I am a writer goofy enough to believe I can write stuff that people want to read, and some of the comments seem to indicate that they really do.


Here’s this morning’s dawn.  Every one of these I can photograph is something of a miracle.


The day before yesterday I got sick from Texas heat and diabetes while driving to pick up my son from school.  I had to stop and dash into Toys-R-Us to throw up in their restroom.  Yeck!  Why did I have to talk about something as disgusting as that?  Well, I feel guilty about having to do that in a business’s public restroom.  So I felt compelled to buy something.  Wow!  PEZ dispensers!  And I found Rainbow Dash!  Um, yeah… every dark cloud has its own form of silver lining.

So, there is my goofy, disorganized post about 900.


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It took a while.  I started this blog in 2013.  But I have built it up gradually.  And now I have reached the point that my publisher’s publicity expert said I should reach in a few months.  My novel is not doing nearly as well.  My high-priced consultants (high-priced for me because I have no money) want me to spend more money to try again to get the novel noticed.  What I have actually noticed is that they are making a helluva lot more money than I am.  I am resolved now to do it on my own.  I will find my own way in marketing, or fail on my own.  I don’t need to be paying anybody to help me fail.  I am doing that quite well on my own.  And I have reason to think this blog might be succeeding.  The I-Universe marketing team cannot legitimately claim to have anything at all to do with that.  I thank them for what they have taught me about the business.  They taught me that no one really wants to help me but me myself.  They are in it for the money.  And like unsuccessful authors everywhere, I have begun telling myself, it is not about the money… especially not money for them.


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Secrets in the Vault

The award that was given to me yesterday was not so much this blog as it was for my little vault.  I opened a can of worms a while back when I created a second blog on WordPress more or less by accident.  I wasn’t really interested so much in giving myself more writing tasks to do, rather, I decided I would use this other blog to store whole stories, poems, and cartoons.  I really haven’t figured out how to link this blog to that one, or that one to this… and since WordPress “improved” everything by changing all the controls, I really don’t know how to properly link something or put a URL into this prose, but here is the web address for that blog;


It is a place where I have posted more complete works that, though mostly still unfinished, will take a little bit longer to look at and read.  I know that my daily 500 words on this goofy blog is too much for most internet readers, and these things take way more time to read than is good for you.  But some readers of this blog have recently discovered that the thing exists, and I have had a sudden burst of interest.  I gained five followers to the vault yesterday.  I think I have six total.  I don’t post there often enough to generate traffic, but I do keep stuff there that certain of my followers here are likely to enjoy if they are foolish enough to buy into this whole artwork and wordswork nonsense that I constantly do.  So, there it is… a little bit more of me than you were probably ready for.

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An Award I Probably Don’t Deserve


I woke up this morning to an award from Dear Kitty, Some blog.  I want to thank this very talented blogger for making the mistake of nominating little old me.  You can find her at this link; , although I don’t know how to process a link on WordPress any more so that you can just click on it.

The maker of this award wrote that these are the rules for it:

For the award, post the picture of it in your post and thank your nominator while linking to them. Tell the blogging world 5 things about yourself and/or your blog. Select 5 nominees, name and link to them. Put their names in a list then hi lite them and go to the top of the editor and see the chain link, click that and paste their homepage URL. Then send a copy of your finished post’s URL to each person in their most recent post and you are all done.

So, five things about my blog;

  1.  I didn’t start it myself.  This blog was set up for me by I-Universe to help me market the book I published with them in 2013, Catch a Falling Star.  Began blogging by following the directions my marketing adviser gave me, and it took me at least a year to discover she was all wrong about her suggestions.  I have made a total of $16 from I-Universe on a book I invested in to get published.  It is, however, still available from I-Universe, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.  My blog is no longer ignored the way it originally was, but my novel still is.
  2. I use my blog to publish the cartoons, artwork, and seriously goofy poetry that I am also guilty of creating.  As an old, retired school teacher, I am quietly going to seed with nothing better to do than this silly blog.  If you would like to see a gallery of my artwork, go to Google and do a picture search of the words “Beyer Paffooney”.  Hopefully the result will not make you insane or blind or both.
  3. Students in my classes often didn’t realize it, but I communicate primarily with humor.  I guess if you don’t laugh at your own joke while telling it, they don’t catch on that it is a joke.  Still, I consider this blog a humor blog.  Yes, even if it doesn’t make you laugh.
  4. Since 2013 I have posted something on this blog 838 times.  I posted every single day in 2015.  8,542 visitors have seen my blog, and no one has prosecuted or incarcerated me for it yet.  I have 790 followers.  I know all this is hard to believe, but I swear that it is true according to the WordPress statistics page.
  5. I continue to blog about my writing and have at least two more novels seriously invested in the pipeline to be published.  You can read about them in my blog.

I will nominate 5 bloggers in the comment section below.


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Spending Money

Rainbow peacock

I went with the WordPress premium because even though I don’t have enough money to spend on medicine that is supposed to keep me alive (in theory), I need to be able to post new artwork to my blog.  Picture-people like me need purple-paisley posting privileges because we live for color, form, pattern, and composition.  I reached the three gigabyte limit  on pictures with my free blog site, so I had to, like a starving drug addict, spend precious resources on feeding my habit.  So expect me to play with the new toy in the coming month.  I have some experimenting to do.


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I Has Done a Good Thing


In 2015 I decided I would post a blog post every single day of the year.  And so I have done it.  WordPress didn’t count every single post on the day it was intended for.  My computer clock doesn’t work right, and their day ends something like four to six hours before mine does.  (Greenwich Time?)  So some of my posts were counted on the wrong day from my point of view.  But that is just a technicality.  I accomplished this writing goal while finishing a contest novel that has made it into the final round, and I did final edits on my novel Snow Babies so PDMI Publishing LLC can make an actual book of it.

WordPress says my blog was viewed 9,500 times in 2015.   I am up to 759 followers, some of whom seem to like every post I put up.  I have gotten no real troll comments so far (probably due to the fact that the only people who look in on my humble blog are the kind that like to read the sort of stuff I write).   No readers have as yet made it their personal mission in life to try to save the world from my brain-boggling goofiness and potential for killing people by making them laugh themselves to death.  Either those readers haven’t found me yet, or my posts are not as grin-inducing as I tell myself when I am lying to myself on a semi-daily basis.

I will have posted 776 posts with the posting of this one in all the time I have been writing on WordPress.  It is a lot of wordy talkiness in printy printyness.  And I have not stopped the flow yet.  I need a break from posting, but just as I posted every day for two months before 2015, I will probably need some time to break the bad habits I have developed over the last year.  I still need to blog, because it is the only writing I do that gives me any kind of feedback beyond editors saying, “You can’t write that in a young-adult novel!” or, “People don’t actually talk like that in real life.  You can’t just go around inventing new language.”  (But Shakespeare did it… or, rather, whoever really wrote Shakespeare’s plays did it… so I have the right to try, consequences to the sanity of Western Civilization be damned.)  So I will continue to cut and paste purple paisley prose into this brain-bogglingly bumptious blog, and I will continue to illustrate it with perfectly pickled Paffooney pictures.



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