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Holding My Book in my Hand


If I never earn a dime from it, it is a wonderful feeling to see so many years of your life finally result in a book in print.

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Now on Amazon

For this holiday I am thankful for the chance to break into print.  My best novel to date is now available in Kindle E-book and paperback versions.  I have a lot more to say in the near future about the ever-changing nightmare world of publishing, but for now, I am happy.  And I will be even happier if you read my book.

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Snow Babies at Last!


I tested out Kindle Direct Publishing through Amazon and will soon have the best book I have ever written out in paperback and e-book forms.  I had a contract to publish this with PDMI Publishing and then the publishing company died before my book was actually in print.  I tested out KDP with Stardusters and Space Lizards.  I can now hold a copy of that book in my hands.  That went OK and I learned how to make the next book better.  So be looking for an announcement soon that it is for sale on Amazon.


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Life is a Book


Life is a Book

I write chapters in it every day

The themes are more numerous than the stars

And the themes are always… always complex

But I work through them

One word after another

And soon I will close it

And write no more

But it will still be there

My book

novel newz

With the conclusion of Stardusters and Space Lizards, I have now completed a novel nine times.  The seven titles above are the ones I am actually proud of having written.  I am beginning to feel like a novelist.

I should point out that I don’t claim to be a professional novelist.  I have spent a lot more money than I have earned by writing.  But I am not a hobbyist.  After teaching ended as the career that defined my life, writing became my life’s work.  I am trying to become a published novelist.  But “published” is becoming an increasingly complex idea.

Catch a Falling Star is published and available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and I-Universe, the actual publisher.  I-Universe is an Indie publisher, but connected to Penguin Books, and so owned by one of the big five.  Aeroquest is published by Publish America, but I could’ve copied from the encyclopedia and they would’ve bound it into a book form.  I am embarrassed to even own up to having written it.  Snow Babies was a contest finalist manuscript and supposed to be published by PDMI Publishing LLC,  but that publisher folded after the editing was done and so it never found its way into print. Magical Miss Morgan is currently with Page Publishing, a vanity press operation that already collected their fees and don’t seem to be publishing my work.  I am looking into the process of suing in case they don’t come through on a process that is already a year overdue.  And I am determined to see the rest of my books in print if that is in any way possible.  Who knows?  Someday somebody may actually read and like my books… by which I mean somebody that I haven’t paid to read it.  The last one I paid to read one wrote the review on somebody else’s book by mistake and then corrected the error by writing a fudged book report on the back cover blurb.  My luck as an author is reminiscent of Vincent Van Gogh’s luck as a painter.

My life is a book.  I am still writing it.  And I will never let go the pen while I still have life enough to hold it in my hands..


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There are now more than 1,200 people following my blog, Catch a Falling Star.

That’s more than 4 times as many people as lived in the little town where I grew up back in the 60’s and 70’s.

It is hard to believe there are that many foolish or incredibly daring people cruising WordPress.  I wonder if any of them are actually Muppets?  None of the ones whose blogs I have read seem to be Muppets.  Some of them seem to be businesses or corporations.  Probably more properly, Buppets and Cuppets.

I wonder if my blog has caused mental issues for any of them.  It certainly has that potential.  My blog is a lot like a boomerang fish act.  I throw a stinky fish into the wind and if you don’t get it when it comes back around, it can smack you in the head.

Concussions are mental issues, right?

I hope more people will read and like my goofy blog in the future.  And if the stinky fish ideas come back around too often for your taste, you don’t have to catch them.  You can always duck.70512-lewzealand_and_fish

This image of Lew Zealand and his Boomerang Fish Act was shamelessly stolen from an interesting blog called The Muppet Mindset.  But the stinky fish metaphor is entirely my fault.


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Drawing on Possibilities


I am seriously working on adding videos of me using a dry-erase board to teach goofy stuff that I like to teach.

I am really looking forward to that.  People listen to stuff better than they read stuff.  It just means I have to learn how to use technology more than I did in the classroom.

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Sometimes Even Mickey Boasts a Little!


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May 19, 2017 · 3:30 am