600 Days in a Row!!!

I have now posted something on Catch a Falling Star for 600 days in a row. I have done this before, but maybe this time I can push on beyond two straight years of posting every day. Possibly three years? We’ll see. I’ve never done that before.


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2 responses to “600 Days in a Row!!!

  1. That is quite a workload but I imagine it must take even more hours to make the obligatory visits back to all the people that commented or gave likes. That chore was so time consuming I had little time for anything else and consequently began posting only 4 or 5 times a month. Then of course there was all the other posts by bloggers I follow for me to visit as well. My inbox was always so full I had to delete and no longer follow most of the everyday posters.

    • I do experience a lot of what you are talking about. But I have to skip some of of the reading and commenting on other sites I used to visit. I also have to tend my sales reports for books and promotions on Amazon. It takes time when you have to do everything yourself. The number of drawings you do is more impressive than mine. I draw only two or maybe three a month.

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