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Hidden Kingdom : Chapter Two

I have been working on my graphic novel, Hidden Kingdom.  It is a fairy tale about the struggles in the fairy kingdom that shares the world with us.  You can find everything I have done on this project in my vault Visiting Tellosia, the Hidden Kingdom.

Here is Chapter Two;







And here is the page I finished yesterday;


There is still a lot of work to do on this, but I am making progress!

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Going Back to the Fairy Kingdom of Tellosia

Today, feeling quite lazy, I decided to revisit Hidden Kingdom.  It will add to what I already have in the vault at this link;

Hidden Kingdom

I will pick it up with the last two panels that appeared a little too fuzzy for my taste.  I will edit them in to the vault.


HKx5a HKx6 HKx7 HKx8 HKx9 HKx10 HKx11

So now you know what a cartoonist does after writing a thousand words yesterday and feeling quite lazy today.  He cheats and ducks responsibility.  What are the going to do about it anyway?  Turn me into a bird?

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