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Therein Lies the Treasure


Yesterday I finished a novel.  Yes, it was a novel that was more playtime than serious attempt at great literature.  But just because it was fun and not painful to write does not make it unworthy of making the effort.

In fact, writing projects like that are really the only thing that keeps me going in spite of pain, illness, and the frustrations of trying to stay alive and thrive.


So, here are the Cantos of this book as it appears on this blog;

Canto 1 xxxxxxxxxx Canto 26 xxxxxxxxx Canto 51

Canto 2 xxxxxxxxxx Canto 27 xxxxxxxxx Canto 52

Canto 3 xxxxxxxxxx Canto 28 xxxxxxxxx Canto 53

Canto 4 xxxxxxxxxx Canto 29 xxxxxxxxx Canto 54

Canto 5 xxxxxxxxxx Canto 30 xxxxxxxxx Canto 55

Canto 6 xxxxxxxxxx Canto 31 xxxxxxxxx Canto 56

Canto 7 xxxxxxxxxx Canto 32 xxxxxxxxx Canto 57

Canto 8 xxxxxxxxxx Canto 33 xxxxxxxxx Canto 58

Canto 9 xxxxxxxxxx Canto 34 xxxxxxxxx Canto 59

Canto 10 xxxxxxxxx Canto 35 xxxxxxxxx Canto 60

Canto 11 xxxxxxxxx Canto 36 xxxxxxxxx Canto 61

Canto 12 xxxxxxxxx Canto 37 xxxxxxxxx Canto 62

Canto 13 xxxxxxxxx Canto 38 xxxxxxxxx Canto 63

Canto 14 xxxxxxxxx Canto 39 xxxxxxxxx Canto 64

Canto 15 xxxxxxxxx Canto 40 xxxxxxxxx Canto 65

Canto 16 xxxxxxxxx Canto 41 xxxxxxxxx Canto 66

Canto 17 xxxxxxxxx Canto 42 xxxxxxxxx Canto 67

Canto 18 xxxxxxxxx Canto 43 xxxxxxxxx Canto 68

Canto 19 xxxxxxxxx Canto 44

Canto 20 xxxxxxxxx Canto 45

Canto 21 xxxxxxxxx Canto 46

Canto 22 xxxxxxxxx Canto 47

Canto 23 xxxxxxxxx Canto 48

Canto 24 xxxxxxxxx Canto 49

Canto 25 xxxxxxxxx Canto 50

So there it is, all 43,403 words of it, published for free on WordPress, accessible by this post if you bookmark it.  Comments, suggestions, humiliations, and conflagrations are all welcome.

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There are now more than 1,200 people following my blog, Catch a Falling Star.

That’s more than 4 times as many people as lived in the little town where I grew up back in the 60’s and 70’s.

It is hard to believe there are that many foolish or incredibly daring people cruising WordPress.  I wonder if any of them are actually Muppets?  None of the ones whose blogs I have read seem to be Muppets.  Some of them seem to be businesses or corporations.  Probably more properly, Buppets and Cuppets.

I wonder if my blog has caused mental issues for any of them.  It certainly has that potential.  My blog is a lot like a boomerang fish act.  I throw a stinky fish into the wind and if you don’t get it when it comes back around, it can smack you in the head.

Concussions are mental issues, right?

I hope more people will read and like my goofy blog in the future.  And if the stinky fish ideas come back around too often for your taste, you don’t have to catch them.  You can always duck.70512-lewzealand_and_fish

This image of Lew Zealand and his Boomerang Fish Act was shamelessly stolen from an interesting blog called The Muppet Mindset.  But the stinky fish metaphor is entirely my fault.


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Betty Boop Talks Politics


Recently, in a Dallas area restaurant which will remain nameless in this post because Bugsy Bugswatter doesn’t deserve free advertising for his dead cockroach parfaits after the recent food poisoning of several teachers who couldn’t afford to go to McDonald’s instead on Texas’ overly-generous teachers’ salaries, Betty Boop and Popeye the Sailor met for coffee and a chance to reminisce about the good old days at Fleischer Studios in the 1930’s.  I happened to overhear their conversation because I was in the next booth trying to choke down a semi-nutritious garden-weed salad with dung-beetle protein wafers.

3c75dc7210ea506295a4b4f6fa770568--betty-boop-classic-comics Betty; “Oh, Popeye, it is so nice to see you again.  You look so Boop-boop-i-doop after all these years.”

Popeye; “Aw, yer jest sayin’ that cuz it’s true.  ‘Course we is cartoon carickachurs, and being in movie cartoons makes ya immortalized sorta.”

Betty; “That’s true. I still have my girlish figure even though technically I’m 87 years old.”

Popeye; “Can I gets ya a Spinach souffle with grasshopper meat to go wit yer coffee?”

Betty; “Yes, but I wish Bugsy didn’t have to put bugs in everything he serves.  And why do you have to take the order?” 

“Cost cuttin’ measures by Bugsy to qualicafy fer Presidink Trump’s newest tax cuts.  He fires all his employees so’s the cuskomers kin wait their own tables.  He saves money on salaries and he gits a 100% tax cut for makin’ lots o’ money offen poor folks.”

“I often wonder if I couldn’t run successfully for President too.  If Trump could win, any celebrity with name recognition stands a decent chance.  I wonder what kind of political tactics I would have to employ?”


“Well, the way I sees it, the foist thing ya has to do is lie bigly about the things you is gonna do for people who is suffering unner politickshians who has disappointemented peoples fer years.”

“Like saying you are going to make America great again, and you are going to start winning so much that everybody will get sick of winning?”

“Yep!  Lots o’ braggin’ like Bluto so’s ya kin make people think yer a much better persing than you really are.”

“Like how Trump made everyone believe he wasn’t a money-laundering criminal tax cheat?”


“Yep.  Like that.  And ya has ta makes yer emenies all shut up about yer past doin’s.  Like how Trump goes on Twitter and tweets horrible junk about ennybody whats criticizes him, and shouts “FAKE NEWS!” so much that nobody believes journalisks no more.”


“But my past deeds aren’t so bad.  I don’t think I would have to shut up anybody who wanted to talk about my cartoons or my singing voice.  I proved in court once that I didn’t steal my singing style.”

  “Well, there was that one cartoon in witch you appeared topless, wit jest a flower neckless to cover up yer booblies.”

Popeye the Sailor (1933)

“Well, but that was tastefully done.  And people aren’t hung up about scandals like that any more, are they?  I mean, Trump got away with that “pussy grabbing” comment, didn’t he?”

“Yep, but remembers, he is a growed-up white man with a reputation fer ownin’ beauty paginks.  And you is a womming wit a reputation for bein’ all sexy.  That’s why they won’t take ya seriously.  But wit me as yer campaign manager, we could do it.  Betty Boop in 2020!”

“No, Popeye, I think I won’t try it.  The next president will have such an awful mess to fix.  We have to get somebody who will work hard and do the right thing.”

“Well, I’m jest sayin’…  I’d vote fer ya.  We were a great team back in the 1930’s.”

“Yes.  Our discussion today has made me long for the good old days… The Great Depression, bread lines, FDR, and movies only costing a dime, and every movie came with at least one cartoon.”

“Don’t worry yer purty head, Betty.  We’ll be back there soon enough… the way the currink Presidenk is going… the Depression and the bread lines at least!”


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One More Faun


This is an old 1980 picture of Radasha and a girl I once knew.  It is called “Deep Red Eyes” and when I had it hanging on my wall, the eyes of both follow you wherever you go in the room.  It’s not haunted or anything.  The subjects are just looking straight at the viewer.  That doesn’t keep it from being creepy though.

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Filler Needed

I was not able to resolve my Tweedle battles without blood loss.  Today I needed to post something that didn’t take too long to do.  So here are pictures from favorite cartoon shows that I watched on Saturday mornings when I was twelve.





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More Tweedle Battles


So, Tweedle Dumb, being me, is getting rooked.  The pool demolition being done by Tweedle Dim is going to get started finally, three weeks late, but it is going to cost me more than planned.  That is because Tweedle Dumber, the city pool inspector, added new wrinkles to the requirements that he didn’t tell Tweedle Dim about until Dim filed for the building permit.  Added work on plumbing and electricity that was actually already done when I was trying to repair the pool has to be inspected and signed off on by a professional in each of the two areas.  The decking has to be completely removed and the pool wall collapsed by 12 inches.  All of that is different than other cities in the area require, and they didn’t inform Tweedle Dim until today.  So I will have to dig up a gold mine or rob a bank by this afternoon.  At least this Tweedle beetle puddle paddle battle is not being fought in a bottle… yet.

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Thumb-Twiddling with Tweedles


I am caught in an endless loop of waiting for other people to fulfill their promises.  Page Publishing hasn’t done anything with my novel even though I finished paying for it months ago.  They made me undo all the mistakes their proofreader made on my novel, mostly changing “Ms.” back to “Miss”, and after five editing exchanges, they still don’t have my final draft ready.

I am still waiting on my lawyer for the next step in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  That has been a month.  I know that has been my own fault because I got sick while doing endless financial paperwork and got delayed myself.

Even the pool demolition guy keeps putting off the work the city is insisting needs to be done already.  He said he would be here first thing this morning.  It is 10:30 now, and no pool demolition guy, or phone call to explain the delay.  I have only talked to an answering machine.  At least I haven’t paid him any money yet.

So today’s post is a quickly done complaint.  Not particularly funny or well-written.  Just exhausted and tired of waiting on people.

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