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Another Unpleasant Surprise


Yesterday I got a call from the high school to come and get my daughter.  She was in the nurse’s office with a fever.  Last night her temperature went up to 102 degrees.  We were just short of taking her to the emergency room when her fever broke.  Today we go to the doctor.  Life has a tendency to kick you in the teeth every other day.  I am beginning to feel rather toothless.  So how do I bite back?  I will have to discover the answer to write about at a later time.

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Urgh! The Taxman Cometh

I am now incapable of coherent thought.  Wait!  Did that last sentence make sense?  I guess I am not dead yet.  So I have avoided the Grim Reaper,  But not the Taxman!


The book I need to take more seriously now.

I wasn’t expecting to make the kind of money from Trumpig’s “Big beeyootiful tax cut” will provide to his wealthy-pig friends.  I have no illusions about him ever doing anything to benefit me.  But I figured I shouldn’t have to pay extra.

Stupid me.

Somehow Trumpig’s tax cut affected the withholding amount for my pension taxes.  Something like $120 a month that retroactively applied to all twelve months last year.  I still owe the government $1,320!


I had planned to finish up taxes yesterday evening and then get a good night’s sleep.  Then I saw that tax bill and didn’t sleep a wink.  I am already in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy because Bank of America sues people for more than you owe them if you make the mistake of hiring a debt reduction company to help you pay off credit cards.  But the universe is obviously adverse to me making and keeping any money at all before I am riding in a hearse.  Wait!  Did I just lapse into bad poetry?  Death and taxes will mess with your head, that’s for sure.

So now I need a day off to just sleep and feel sorry for myself. I’ll get angry at Trumpig tomorrow and decide how I will handle this latest hurdle in the human race… or human obstacle course… or whatever that stupid metaphor was I cannot even remember any more.


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Dingle Bezookles Dumm

DYnmUfDWsAEZIQxPay tentershawn to Dingle when he schtumms,  koz when he schtumms he schtumms from eggzspearie antz.

For inzst antz, take the Kayse of the Bay the Diddler Bezookled.

It all geeban oodlie enuff.

Dingle was in the Dinglecove with Pug Wart.

“Pug Wart!  I muss put my gingkie in your pazzoozle and make it tharm.”

“Hokay, Dingle, I weel tok it off my hett.”

So he took the pazzoozle off his hett and let Dingle put the gingkie in.

(Author’s note *** Be careful how you translate this.  These words do NOT mean what you’re probably thinking they mean.***)

“Why does the gingkie onee hev three of its four neekies leff?”

“It was peelering on the 380 Shigway and got schmoozet by a hyoojo kunkertrok.  It lost a neeky that will neebar groo back.”

thescarletpumpernickel (22)

“Oh, Dingle!  Who deed this murriball zeed.”

“The Diddler doodit.”

“Hoelee Schnigglelootz, Dingle, the e-vial Diddler?”

“Yes, twazzim.  He doodit in his hyoojo kunkertrok.”

So, Dingle and Pug Wart hooped ino Dinglemoobeal and rooyered after the Diddler on 380 Shigway tooward Goofram Cidee.  Then they foonicized moonie kloobars, and trayed to bezookle dem.


And back in the Dinglecove, they bezookled loyk no zero had bezookled aphore.


And so, the deed-ecktibe woik dood, the hooperzeroes called the poolize and had them arratatest the Diddler.  But beefor the poolize could arratatestim, the Diddler dood dumm.


Poor Diddler.  We all fool zorry for him.

And the moral of the story is… Eef yoo geds too creativicle wid yer edutting skulls, yoo kann reedie muzz a schtorry oop.

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Sweet Success


I told you I would do it.  And then I basically did.


My daughter and I got it up in the air.


The sun, the wind, and the kite all worked together to help me overcome the blues.





We got it up so high that all the kite string was played out.

But then it finally came down.

And still…  I was happier.


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Bad Bad Monday


Ah, me… just when things are going fine, it all turns to worry and badness yet again.  Internet scammers won’t leave me alone.  Facebook friends of friends of friends spotted me as an easy mark, a liberal who believes in helping others.  So they become Facebook friends with me as an impoverished youth in Ethiopia begging me to send money so starving brothers and sisters can eat… but Facebook ends up deleting the account due to repeated fraud. I didn’t give them any money, but I wasted a lot of time listening to lies on messenger.


Yesterday was the last day of Spring Break.  Today both the Princess and I woke up feeling ill.  She misses another day for too many times.  After the flu leveled her in January, she will struggle to pass her sophomore year of high school.  I have to struggle with chest pain and worry about going to the doctor and ending up with another huge hospital bill.  And of course, illness prevents earning extra bucks from Uber.  The chest pain is probably the result of acid reflux that woke me in the night after eating enchiladas too late in the evening yesterday.  I hope that is what it is.  I can’t afford more than that.  And yes, I know acid reflux can be a sign of onset of a heart attack.

So I am resting today and getting very little done.  I hope I can still be alive to feel better tomorrow.

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1,333… it’s a numbers thing

David C234

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March 15, 2018 · 11:37 pm

D&D Under The Sea

Scan63One of the fascinating features of a table-top role-playing game is the freedom it gives you to go where you could never go in real life.  In Dungeons and Dragons we have taken the campaign under the waves among the water-breathers.

Of course, it is a little daunting to venture into a place where you cannot even breathe.  But this is fantasy we are talking about.  So, the solution is… magic.  A feet-to-fins spell can make you into a mer-person.  You can not only swim with the fish, you can be one.



Nemo the water-breathing sea-elf is modeling how fantasy technology can aid with the adventure.  Unable to breathe out of the water, Nemo has been able to adventure in the surface world by wearing a sealed sea helmet that provides the water he needs to breathe and keep him properly hydrated.  Such a helmet, with an air-producing spell inside it instead of water-making can be used for air-breathers under the sea.



Under the sea things are different in fundamental ways.  You don’t walk or tun, you swim.  You don’t ride a horse, you are pulled through the water by a hippocanthus.  You are not stuck to a two-dimensional plane.  You can move easily through the water up and down as well as right and left, forward and back.


Sea captain Elora Bynam, gnome aquamancer, can take air-breathers where they want to go in her submarine.  She knows the undersea kingdoms as well as any air-breather in all of the lands.

And, of course, there have to be villains.  The arch-lich Orco is a good example (that is, good example of something evil).

This former Mer-king has been infested with dark magic since his death and re-animation.  He holds sway now in the evil kingdom of Black Reef.  Elora can take you there for a price.20160530_144830


But we had fun playing underwater campaigns in D & D.  We spent weeks  searching drowned ruins.  We even found a sea ghost.  Charlotte is a little girl drowned by evil pirates and changed into a ghost.  She is bound to a magic jar and can serve as a guide through places where no living being dares go alone.

So we have spent all this game time in the depths of exotic seas.  And the ironic thing is, we didn’t even get a little bit wet.

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