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Picking Pictures Pusillanimously

Does it take courage to post a picture like this? Or is it cutsie-smoochy safe for work? She almost has an indication of breasts. Is that not evil? Maybe I shouldn’t post this.
Is this picture too violent? If you are not looking closely, the rat might seem to be inside the dog’s bloody red mouth, instead of riding on his back as he gives a stupid, rat-friend grin.
And is this picture racist? Why is she blue? is that some goofy type of BLM statement about not caring what color a person is? Or is it intended to belittle Space Smurfs?
Should I be ashamed of posting this portrait? The girl is actually a transgender character. That’s frowned upon where I live. Should I be trying harder to avoid frowny people commenting on my posted pictures?
This portrait could be ageist! Am I making fun of old white guys in farmer’s overalls? Is it supposed to be a joke about conservative old coots?
This portrait looks demonic! His eyes follow you no matter where you stand or flee to. One should never post such a picture in the Bible Belt.
So, I guess I’m in big trouble posting this. Just because I think it is innocent nudity and basically beautiful does not mean that it is not offensive and wrong in the eyes of some viewers. And some will seek it out for entirely the wrong reason. So, should I be pusillanimously afraid to include it? Probably.
I guess Mickey is not pusillanimous. But then, did you even know what it means?

Definition of pusillanimous

lacking courage and resolutionmarked by contemptible timidity

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Old Art, Odd Art, Openly Goofy Art

Kops from Klown Town

He who must not be named… apparently not indicted either.

Mandy’s sassy tongue.

Creepy toys playing with their favorite kid.
She claims to be a witch, but she really is just more observant than the rest of us.

Football games at Dion City Jr. High are highly competitive and somewhat violent.

Would you buy insurance from this man?

Why did you make this man a Texas Senator?


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Pen and Ink

Pen and ink is the first art needed if you want to be a cartoonist.

Why would anybody want to be that?

I don’t know.

I was in love with comics page in the daily newspaper when I was a child.

I copied the treasures I found there constantly.

Did I get any good at it?

Well, that’s kinda the point of this Saturday Art Day post.

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Art is What an Artist Do… or, maybe Doo-doo

Art? Or Doo-doo?
Doo-doo? Or Art? Definitely paper dolls and one plastic doll… mint in box.
Art? Or Food? Foo-doo?
Definitely about Doo-doo!
An Arty Picture of a Meaningful Moment that Probably is a Sin.
Puzzling Art.
Probably Doo-doo…
How is This Art?
It is not necessarily important to judge some things… Art or not… worth doing.

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Random Pictures for Art Day

Dickens’ novels have always inspired me.
Gingerbread cookies inspire me too.
My goal in this post is to only use pictures posted on this blog before, and yet, show you something you haven’t seen before,

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Critical Characters in My Fiction

Valerie Clarke
Ricky Porter
Poppensparkle the Butterfly Child
Horatio T. Dogg
Mickey the Wererat
Grandma Gretel Stein and General Tuffaney Swift the Storybook Fairy
Blueberry Bates
Tim Kellogg
Devon Martinez
Francois Martin
Derfentwinkle and her Master, Sorcerer Eli Tragedy

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Heroes and Villains

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Pictures I Like Whether I Drew Them or Not

The key factor in having an artist’s eye is being able to find what is beautiful no matter what or where you look.


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Pictures to Think About

Murky Deeoens is his name
Perhaps this is called “The Puzzling Mirror”
Not all unicorns have perfect eyesight.
Truth and Lies
Are they ghosts? Or naked children lost at night?
He doesn’t have a parachute. So, he better eat the ham sandwiches in his backpack really fast.
What makes you think this isn’t a photograph? It is. A photo of a colored-pencil drawing.
“Vincent Price’s Christmas Tree” The title is self-explanatory, isn’t it? And perfect for March???

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