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Pirates Updated

Today I am updating a comic in my Vault.  So if you wish to see the entire comic as it exists so far on WordPress, then here it is; The Atlas of Fantastica.

These are the updated pages;






So now I have shared with you my nightmares about banks and finances.  Happy pirate dreams, and don’t take any wooden dahblooens!

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How Pirates Make Money

This is a continuation of my cartoon series The Atlas of Fantastica that can be found at Mickey’s House of Fiction (my cartoon vault).  It is an adventure from a dream about pirates and money and bankers and finance.







To be continued soon…

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The Dangers of Knowing Female Pirates

When last I was cartooning about Fantastica, I had fallen into a dream about pirates and had been taken prisoner…





On that cliffhanger note…  To be continued…

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Bits and Pieces

Having written 1000 words again for no apparently good reason yesterday, I figure I am entitled to a shorter, pithier, sissier, saucier, sillier post today (the kind where I use long strings of adjectives in order to fill up the paper… a trick learned from little darlings in English class that figured I would be happy with a page full of words, and that it didn’t matter if it made the least bit of sense).  Writing is, after all, piecing together the puzzle that is my noisy noodle, full of imaginings, weird images, and all sorts of listy-type things that I could list here to fill up more space if I weren’t so danged lazy today.  I found a good article about being a writer while my noodle was simmering and trying to cook up today’s post.  It gives insight into the tumultuous brain-scape that I am struggling with at the moment because I am (sadly) a writer.

Here’s the article from AuthorsPublish

I am trying to noodle out a cartoon that I am trying to compose from a rough draft that has more holes in it than Swiss cheese has bad smells.  I suppose you could call that cartoonoodling (but would never actually call it that because you’re not as dippy as I am).  The drawings of that composition come first.  So, here, at least, they are!

20150710_143309 20150710_143339_000I know you can’t possibly know what sort of sense to make out of these because I haven’t put the words and dialogue balloons into these pen and ink and red drawings.  (Remember, Clown Noire is a new cartoon genre I am trying to develop like black-and-white Film Noire movies, only in black-white-and-red pen-and-ink cartoons.)  So, foolishness aside, these are only raw work-in-progress Paffoonies.  Or maybe not foolishness aside, since foolishness tends to be the whole point.

I am also trying to advance through the struggles of two novels at once.  I am still trying to progress through the middle of Stardusters and Space Lizards, where I have to bring the totally evil villain, Senator Tedhkruhz the lizard-man (no relation to the real life Senator I am obviously trying to make fun of), together with his well-deserved comeuppance.   I know how the novel ends, but not how the middle-middle and the later-middle connect to that end.  Senator Tedhkruzh

And I am trying to finish the beginning of the novel When the Captain Came Calling.  I have to come up with a way for the evil mermaid that sinks the Captain’s ship to reach that condition of being righteously indignant about the wrong done to her enough for her to use her fishy mermaid powers to swamp and wreck the ship.

Voodoo Val cover

But rather than bore you with the details of my inner swordfights with the weapons master of the Pirate crew that runs my brain when I’m writing, I will leave it here… after all, I promised I was going to write less words today, and I am already at 494.


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Another Dadgum Post About Pirates

This one isn’t about Bank of America or Aetna… specifically.  It is just me adding to my cartoon vault and the story of the pirates in Fantastica.20141211_153054

This is the second panel of the story that can be found at The Pirate Vault


And panels three and four are all I have gotten done on this comic so far.


This nonsense will all be continued in upcoming days, and the whole thing is in my cartoon vault.

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Five More Pages

When you are reading a good book, it is hard to stop even though you know you’ve no reading time left.  It is hard to put the thing down.  My comic book, Hidden Kingdom, is absolutely nothing like that.  I am doing five pages today, and no more.  I am adding them also to my vault.  So maybe today’s the day you would be better served to go look at the whole thing (so far) in the vault.

Hidden Kingdom

Here are today’s five pages (along with another look at my goofy cover)


HKx12 HKx13 HKx14 HKx15 HKx16

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The Secrets in the Vault

Today I want to direct your attention to my vault.  It is a new blog page where I keep cartoon stories that I intend to continually edit and update with new ‘toons.  It is called Mickey’s House of Fiction.  You can find it here;

Mickey’s House of Fiction

The Paffooney’s I offer today as a sample are merely the title page and introduction of a new cartoon project.

title page fantastica 2

Mickey intro 2

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Another Link to My Vault

Like a lazy idiot I have been posting stuff I’ve already created to Mickey’s House of Fiction and pretending that it means I am actually getting writing work done.   Today’s cartoon story, Expelling Evil, the Series, attempts to exploit my constant playing with dolls to make a humorous adventure cartoon strip.  I realize that it is still incomplete and most probably a spectacular failure (at least, as much of a failure as is possible without destroying the internet or making your computer explode).  But it makes me laugh, and I have been wanting to put it all together in one place.  So, here is the link;


Here is a photo Paffooney from the story to help you remember how much you want to avoid reading it all again.


I do promise to add on to the end of it in Mickey’s House of Fiction every time I bore you with another episode and nearly make your head implode from reading it.  The purpose of that plan being to allow to find all of it in one place and thoroughly ignore everything in one go.

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Visiting Tellosia

In the novel I recently entered in the Chanticleer Reviews YA Novel-Writing contest, I used the fairy kingdom of Tellosia to be the land of the little people integrated into hometown Iowa.   As part of my cartoon stories page, I intend to take up the tale of The Hidden Kingdom once again and expand and complete it.  I will post it as a web comic on Word Press.  I know I can’t make money giving it away for free… but I hope to have my stories and cartoons read a little bit more through the buzz I hope this generates.  And perhaps Petit Zam can come up with some fairy magic that will help… so I can cast a spell on you.

Here is installment one of The Hidden Kingdom;


HKx2 HKx3 HKx4 HKx5 HKx6

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