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New Pages For Old Comics

Here are the newest pages of Hidden Kingdom;



If you would like to see how it fits into the whole of chapter 2, then you can visit it at my vault with this link;  Hidden Kingdom – Chapter Two

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Progress In Tellosia

I have added another page to the ongoing story of the fairy folk of the Hidden Kingdom of Tellosia.  I will append it here to the whole of Chapter Two as it exists so far;









So, there you have it.  What will happen next?  Will Zam be killed?  Will the Mouse rescue her?  Will Captain Pomegranate fly off into the sunset?  I tell you what, I really wish I knew.

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Amazing Days

rooster riding

One never knows how things are going to turn out.  My car, which was nearly paid off, gets destroyed by a passing motorist as it was parked in front of my house.  I endured two weeks of driving the rented Chibi Clown Car from Enterprise, I endured a financial set-back for an accident that was completely not my fault, but it resulted in being able to buy an updated version of the same make and model from Enterprise, lowering my monthly car payments and now owning a car that is superior to the one I lost.  Of course, I got a letter in the mail yesterday from a bank that is denying me credit for buying a car.  Every wave is followed by a trough and then another wave.  That is just how life works.


I pitched a no-hitter yesterday in EA Sports Baseball ’04 on my X-box.   Of course this game and game machine are more than 12 years old, so I have had time to practice, a lot!  And the game is still set on rookie level.  But, what the heck, I deserve a little bit of easy victory now and then.

Donner n Silkie

My writing goals took a few shots in the last two months.  My publisher has experienced a financial hardship and slow-down before my novel actually gets into print.  My novel sales for Catch a Falling Star have tanked and I have the publicist from that publisher calling me, asking me to invest lots of money in a new publicity campaign.  Like I want to invest $4,000 in a campaign that may only yield another 16 dollars in a year’s time.  But I found a much cheaper way to get reviewed and promoted by Serious Reading ( http://seriousreading.com/ ).   They promise the same or better results for $3,950 less.  And I also learned from my publisher that they are making a come-back.  So, it is even possible that I can get further novels published through PDMI.

I remain a pessimist.  I will never be disappointed by unrealistic expectations.  I anticipate nothing but disaster and misfortune.  But as long as the house is still standing and Armaggedon is not happening as fast as the Jehovah’s Witnesses anticipate, there are still good things to be found and to have happen.  And since I wasn’t expecting any good things, they are all pleasant surprises.


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Five More Pages

When you are reading a good book, it is hard to stop even though you know you’ve no reading time left.  It is hard to put the thing down.  My comic book, Hidden Kingdom, is absolutely nothing like that.  I am doing five pages today, and no more.  I am adding them also to my vault.  So maybe today’s the day you would be better served to go look at the whole thing (so far) in the vault.

Hidden Kingdom

Here are today’s five pages (along with another look at my goofy cover)


HKx12 HKx13 HKx14 HKx15 HKx16

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Going Back to the Fairy Kingdom of Tellosia

Today, feeling quite lazy, I decided to revisit Hidden Kingdom.  It will add to what I already have in the vault at this link;

Hidden Kingdom

I will pick it up with the last two panels that appeared a little too fuzzy for my taste.  I will edit them in to the vault.


HKx5a HKx6 HKx7 HKx8 HKx9 HKx10 HKx11

So now you know what a cartoonist does after writing a thousand words yesterday and feeling quite lazy today.  He cheats and ducks responsibility.  What are the going to do about it anyway?  Turn me into a bird?

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Visiting Tellosia

In the novel I recently entered in the Chanticleer Reviews YA Novel-Writing contest, I used the fairy kingdom of Tellosia to be the land of the little people integrated into hometown Iowa.   As part of my cartoon stories page, I intend to take up the tale of The Hidden Kingdom once again and expand and complete it.  I will post it as a web comic on Word Press.  I know I can’t make money giving it away for free… but I hope to have my stories and cartoons read a little bit more through the buzz I hope this generates.  And perhaps Petit Zam can come up with some fairy magic that will help… so I can cast a spell on you.

Here is installment one of The Hidden Kingdom;


HKx2 HKx3 HKx4 HKx5 HKx6

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Donner n Silkie

In my book The Magical Miss Morgan, the teacher, Miss Francis Morgan, has to deal not only with a crisis in her personal teaching world, but a crisis brewing in the magical fairy kingdom of Tellosia.  The fairies have come seeking Francis’ aid because she, as a teacher, has direct access to children and can affect what they believe in.  You see, the fairies suffer from a general lack of belief in fairies, something that has been plaguing them more and more as the modern world makes it more and more difficult for children to actually believe.  Soon they will wink out of existence for lack of believers.  Francis’ younger brother, Milt, is a wizard.  He knows some fairies personally, and he has told them that Francis can help them.  So, because Milt revealed her to them, the Erlking, leader of the fairies of Tellosia, has sent three chosen representatives to plead for her help.

The leader of the trio is Donner.  He is the dragonfly-winged pixie who is a leader of the wasp-riders.  At three full inches in height, he is one of the biggest and most leader-ish of the fairies, the reason he was chosen to head the mission.  He speaks very much in the old style and has a hard time getting his ideas across to a creative teacher-type from the 1990’s.

Silkie, the Storybook, is a beautiful fairy who, because she is a Storybook fairy, is immortal.  She has been immortal since Hans Christian Andersen used her adventures that she had related to him to create the story of Little Tiny or Thumbelina in 1835.  Any time a fairy is immortalized by a human author, that fairy becomes a Storybook and is destined to live forever.  She is very old and very wise, but also very human-looking and very-very small.

Garriss, the third fairy, is a wisp.  Wisps are elemental beings made of fire, water, stone, or air.  They are rumored to be incredibly stupid, because their little brains are composed entirely of one element.  Garriss is a fire wisp.  He has a temper because his brain is made of fire.  Torchy, also pictured, is also rather stupid and foolish.  But fire wisps prove to have a very warm heart.

So, if you can stand fairy tales at all, I hope you will clap your hands and believe in the fairies in my book.  I intend to submit it to the Chanticleer Book Reviews’ YA Novel Contest in April of 2015.  The hand clapping should definitely help… unless James M. Barrie lied to us in his book Peter Pan.

Garriss n Torchy

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In Celebration of Alan Watts’ 100th Birthday

Silkie n Donner

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Fire Wisps

Garriss n Torchy

In the novel I just recently finished, The Magical Miss Morgan, there are several different kinds of fairies.  The fairies in the book may or may not really be there.  They are a part of the magic the teacher, who is the main character, uses to be a superior teacher.  She engages the imaginations of her students and they love her for it.  Still, an important part of the plot revolves around a small group of fairies intent on a quest meant to save their fairy kingdom called Tellosia from a take-over attempt by evil fairies.  One of the main character fairies is the fire wisp, Garriss, seen here with his little brother Torchy.  Fire wisps are fairies made of elemental magic, so they can be fire, water, wind, and stone.  They are made of the element they represent, and so, with a brain made of fire they are not terribly smart.  They do, however, have very warm hearts, which Garriss proves to Miss Morgan, to Blueberry Bates, and to all the school children who dare to believe in fairies and fairy magic.  Garriss is totally contained by fire magic, and therefore doesn’t set the teacher’s desk on fire when he walks on it.  In fact, the only way he can burn anything is through the cone of fire spell written on his hands.  And even then, since he is not very bright (in a mental capacity), he has to be allowed to use it by his fairy friends, Silkie, the Storybook fairy, and Donner the Pixie.

This Paffooney is the first one I drew of any of the fairy characters in Miss Morgan’s story, but it is not the last.  I intend to draw more of them in the coming days.


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Working With Miss Morgan

Here is a sample from my work in progress, The Magical Miss Morgan.

Canto Nineteen – The Ghost House after Dark

“Bobby couldn’t make it,” said Frosty Anderson.  “He says he had chores.”

“We all know he’s afraid of the dark,” said Mike Murphy, lighting another candle.

“We shouldn’t make fun of him all the time,” reminded Blueberry, sitting next to Mike.  “It’s hard to get out of the house after dark to come here to an abandoned cellar in the middle of a junk yard.”

“Okay, we already know what Miss Morgan says about that,” said Tim.  “We have more important business tonight.”

“Worth getting grounded for a month for?” asked Mike.


The children all leaned toward Tim as he sat conspiratorially in the middle of the candlelit cellar of the ruined house.  Everyone wanted to know what the big reveal was going to be, and Tim was loving it.

“So what’s the big deal?” asked Frosty.

“You know the project about getting kids to believe in fairies?” said Tim.

“Yeah,” said Mike and Frosty as Blueberry nodded.

“There is a secret reason that Miss Morgan needs us to do that project.”

Tim picked up a shoebox and placed it on his knees in front of him.  He slowly lifted the lid.

“So?  An empty shoebox?” sneered Mike.

“Oh, my!”  Blueberry’s eyes got as big as Tim could ever remember seeing them.

“This is Garriss,” said Tim simply, “he’s an elemental fire fairy.”

“I’m a Wisp,” croaked the little naked fire man.

“Cool!” gasped Frosty.

“He looks more like hot,” noted Mike.

“Is he real?” asked Blueberry stupidly.

“Don’t you believe your own eyes?” asked Tim.

“Don’t be rude to the beautiful young lady,” warned Garriss.

“Can I hold him?” Blueberry asked timidly.

“You’ll burn your hands,” said Mike.

“No, you won’t,” said Garriss.  “I am more than willing to be held by you, Pretty Miss.  And I promise, you can’t be hurt by my magical fire.”

Blueberry put out her open palm, and the little man formed of fire stepped gingerly into it.  The girl lifted him up in front of her face.

“You’re made of fire…  And you’re naked,” said Blueberry.

“I am a magical being,” said Garriss, “and I need you to believe I am real, for I will not continue to exist otherwise.”

“So,” said Mike, “you are only real if we believe in you?”


“If I say I don’t believe in fairies, will you die?”

“Can you see me standing in front of you and still say you don’t believe?” asked Garriss.

“Good point,” answered Mike.

“If we are going to help the fairy people of Tellosia,” said Tim, “I had to show you they are real.  We can’t risk showing the real fairies to everyone, though.  We have to come up with ways to make people believe without actually showing them.”

“Why can’t we just show everybody?” said Mike.  “We could take a picture and show everybody!”

“Please, don’t do that,” pleaded Garriss.  “Someone might disbelieve their own eyes, and then I, and maybe others, would actually die.”

“Oh, we can’t let that happen!” cooed Blueberry.  “Garriss?  Will you let me draw your picture with colored pencils?”

“I would be honored, my lady.”

“This is all just too wonderful to be real,” Blueberry said.

Tim nodded in silence.  They would generate the belief that was needed,  Blueberry’s drawings would do it, if anything could.  That girl could really whip pencils around and make good art.

“We have to swear a Pirate oath,” said Tim.  “We all swear to make people believe and keep the real fairies safe from discovery and death.  If we fail, then may our human hearts shrivel up and we all die an untimely death.”

“I swear it,” said Blueberry.

“If Blue does,” said Mike, “then so do I.”

“Me too,” said Frosty.

“And you have my word on it too,” said Garriss.

Tim grinned an evil grin.  This was gonna be great.


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