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Because Bankers Are Evil


Yes, Bankers are evil, so I need pie.

My post today is just a bunch of old artwork because I had to spend the morning fixing a bank problem.  My mortgage payment got lost.  Yes, I had an Uncle Billy moment that turned out not to be my fault at all.  All the other payments went through the automatic bill pay system normally.  But the mortgage payment did not.  Even though it went through normally every month for the last three years.  The mortgage bankers apparently misplaced the electronic payment.  So I tracked down the proof of payment at my bank and printed it out.  The mortgage bankers, of course, will not accept it until I can get my wife’s signature on it.  And what will you bet that they are going to charge a late-payment fee?


Unfinished Stag n snow

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New Pirate Picture

Pirates nesaaat

I continue to believe bankers, health insurance companies, and corporate leaders are all pirates.  The gentleman of the sea dressed all in red in this picture is Black Timothy, bombastic and barely comprehensible leader of the pirates of Fantastica.

The truth is I am a bit of a cartoonist.  Don’t worry.  It is not a completely horrible and detestable thing to be.  Not like being a pirate… or a banker… or worse, a pirate banker.  It leads me to do cartoons like you will find in my vault, here…

The Atlas of Fantastica, Chapter 1

It is a basically incurable disease, and yet… I can live with it.  It will not kill me like some of my other incurable diseases eventually will.

So today’s post, keeping alive an unbroken string of daily posts that now goes back 16 months, is a picture post.  I hope you like it, but if you don’t, another one will come along soon enough.


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SNAFU Car-Buying

ugly bug222222

Today I bought a used car from the people who rented me the chibi clown car after my poor little pony was murdered while parked in front of my house.  (Murdered in a sense that the drive-by crasher broke its leg, and you shoot a pony with a broken leg, which my auto insurance cold-heartedly did for me.)  So last week the auto insurance sent me a check to cover the purchase of a used-car replacement.  The auto insurance put my wife’s name on the check even though it was not on the title of the car or on the bank account I am now using for my retirement money.  So, when I tried to draw out the money for the down payment, the lovely bankers told me there was a problem with the check.  Even though my wife endorsed it and they put it into my account, I could not withdraw it again because my wife’s name on there turned it into a third-party check.  Apparently her signature isn’t proof enough that she agrees I get to spend that money on a car.  The banker said they have to have her fingerprint and a copy of her driver’s license.  She, of course, is out knocking on doors as a Jehovah’s Witness and they couldn’t do anything anyway since today is Saturday and not technically a business day.  So I went to buy the car without the down payment, which it turns out is okay because the car I want to buy is in Independence, Missouri.  It will take seven to ten days for it to arrive.  Oh, and there is a transportation fee to get the car from there to here, and an insurance deductible, and fees of all sorts like title and license, so that my $10,000 used car is actually going to cost more like $15,000 by the time it is paid off, almost as much as the car that was destroyed which was nearly paid off after five years.  So, bankers, car dealers, rental car people, and insurance people are all happy with their respective profits in the ordeal, and I still have to drive the chibi clown car for another week (which I must pay for myself).  I really don’t have to write any new jokes to make this post humorous.  Existential irony has pretty much taken care of that.

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Pirates Updated

Today I am updating a comic in my Vault.  So if you wish to see the entire comic as it exists so far on WordPress, then here it is; The Atlas of Fantastica.

These are the updated pages;






So now I have shared with you my nightmares about banks and finances.  Happy pirate dreams, and don’t take any wooden dahblooens!

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Another Dadgum Post About Pirates

This one isn’t about Bank of America or Aetna… specifically.  It is just me adding to my cartoon vault and the story of the pirates in Fantastica.20141211_153054

This is the second panel of the story that can be found at The Pirate Vault


And panels three and four are all I have gotten done on this comic so far.


This nonsense will all be continued in upcoming days, and the whole thing is in my cartoon vault.

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