New Pirate Picture

Pirates nesaaat

I continue to believe bankers, health insurance companies, and corporate leaders are all pirates.  The gentleman of the sea dressed all in red in this picture is Black Timothy, bombastic and barely comprehensible leader of the pirates of Fantastica.

The truth is I am a bit of a cartoonist.  Don’t worry.  It is not a completely horrible and detestable thing to be.  Not like being a pirate… or a banker… or worse, a pirate banker.  It leads me to do cartoons like you will find in my vault, here…

The Atlas of Fantastica, Chapter 1

It is a basically incurable disease, and yet… I can live with it.  It will not kill me like some of my other incurable diseases eventually will.

So today’s post, keeping alive an unbroken string of daily posts that now goes back 16 months, is a picture post.  I hope you like it, but if you don’t, another one will come along soon enough.


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4 responses to “New Pirate Picture

  1. Bankers used to be admired as an honorable profession. With the repeal of the Glass-Steagal Act which allows banks to offer other services and the fog-a-mirror variable mortgage lending that caused the housing crisis, bankers through that trust out the window. Pirate is extreme, but more correct than it used to be as a description.

    • That should be “threw” rather than “through.”

    • I am a little more ill-disposed towards bankers than I should be. Between predatory lending practices, credit card abuses, and the whole health-insurance not liking me because I am ill thing, I have been burned by them about three times too many. I know they aren’t all evil. But neither are pirates.

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