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I admit to being a closet nudist.  By that I mean that I only walk around naked inside my closet.  I flirted with the idea of becoming a nudist once… or as they call it, a naturist.  But I have never overcome the urge not to be naked where anybody can ever see me.  I am a chicken.  Literally.  I look like a plucked chicken when I have no clothes on, especially now that I have all the little pink bleedy spots all over the lower parts of my body.  Bread me and fry me, I am done with this particular metaphor.

I come from Iowa where kids were repeatedly told never to run around like a naked Indian.  I think older people tell you that because they know from experience naked in Iowa in the winter time is tantamount to making parts of yourself into popsicles where you really really really don’t want to get all icy-frozen.  (I mean fingers and toes, of course!  What did you think I meant?)


But I have learned from long experience of health problems that a little bit of running around like a naked Indian can actually be a beneficial thing to do.  Now, I know that you probably don’t believe I am being completely candid here, and that I may have some kind of pervert’s agenda going on the background… but I have been told it is so not only by naturists, but also by medical professionals.


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20 responses to “Be Naked More

  1. Women have long known the joys of naturism: every day when we peel off that damned, confining bra, we breathe a sigh of relief and relish the freedom.

    Thing is, though, that men have it easier. You guys can walk around naked in a house with high windows, no problem. Your mystery is preserved. Ladies must draw the curtains, too, or the neighbors will all suddenly become birdwatchers.

  2. My problem is my birthday suit is getting bigger in the wrong places.

  3. I live in the basement. Who can see downstairs tight? I got out thhe showe, naked as usual. I towel dry and sit on the bed to lotion. I look out the window and Tom was looking it. I was embarrassed a little for me but more so for him. He found an obse middle age woman worthyof peaking on. Well I remain in the bathroom util dressed most of the time.

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  8. Every city should have clothing-optional zones like Munich. I keep it modest in the U.S., but have enjoyed the nude beaches in Europe, which are very normal and family-oriented, and there’s no doubt a little sun and air exposure to all body parts is in keeping with the way our bodies have evolved over millennia. I promise to keep my clothes on in Iowa, though, on condition that I can still promote fashion anarchy:

    • I would have to say, keeping your clothes on in Iowa in the winter is a must. I have known Iowa weather to provide a windchill factor of minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit. That tends to freeze and snap off bits you really probably don’t want to lose. But thanks for the input as I keep getting closer and closer to being a nudist in Texas. 100 degrees today? Oy!

      • Yes to nude summer swimming at Lake Travis, Texas! Topless swimming for swimming used to be common at Barton Springs (I don’t know if it still is), but for the full nude tanning and swimming we used to find nooks and crannies out at Lake Travis. Thanks for the Iowa tip about keeping my own “tips” from snapping off.

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  10. I’m rather the opposite. I grew up in a place even colder than Iowa and in a fundamentalist family that would not have tolerated the idea. Yet I felt almost driven as a boy to get away from the house and into the wild and run around naked.

    Along came puberty and sexuality. Woodland nakedness was quite as “innocent” as before. (Actually, it was still “innocent”, just a lot more autoerotic.) But the hormones subsided and I outgrew that. Besides, it wouldn’t be considered polite behavior in the socially nude circles I belong to.

    I still do it today, 50 years later.

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