Dippy Duck Dreams

The hardest dream-to-reality connection to make is my duck nightmare.  I know I bummed the world out yesterday with unfunny dream deliberations.  But in this post I explore the lighter side of nightmares.  It all began when I was about four years old and we went to the Deer Park Zoo in Mason City, Iowa.

Truthfully, when you look at it from the proper point of view, at four you are small and all animals look like monsters.  The three ostriches they had in a chicken-wire pen were at least several hundred feet tall.  The deer were huge with giant Bambi-eyes.  I was little and still very much in a touchy-feely stage of life.  And the goose-pen had a large hole in the front, just large enough for a goose head and neck to fit through at high speed.  That is exactly what happened when one wide-eyed nerd-child wandered close enough to give a gander a premium chance at a beak-first goosing.  Whether my pants had to be changed immediately afterwards is something I have yet to work up the courage to ask my parents about.  No rush.  They are only in their eighties now.

Anyway, I was left with a recurring nightmare, always involving a duck or very similar waterfowl with big, massive, white dentures.  Yes, you heard right, a duck with teeth.  It’s all right for you to laugh now, but I woke up in cold sweat every single time I had that nightmare.  Right from the moment when I realize that the evil little duck-mind has fixed its wishes on taking a nice, big bite, to the split second where the toothy duck-head zips towards me, I am gripped with total existential terror.  And it wakes me up.


So what does this doozy of a dream mean?  Do dreams have to have a meaning?  All two-hundred-plus times?  (I lost count, so sue me.)  I do believe, however that it must be some kind of anxiety dream.  And the last occurrence was now four years ago, so the possibility of duck-dream remission is very real to me.

If my last post chilled your innards, then hopefully this one lit them up with laughing gas.

Leap of FaithThis closing Paffooney from yesterday is entitled “The Leap of Faith”.  I’m not sure why that is important to know, but it is.


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8 responses to “Dippy Duck Dreams

  1. I didn’t wanna laugh at your duck dreams, as I’m sure you were (are?) traumatized. I laughed.

  2. Hello Authormbeyer,

    Thank you for sharing your story, your reoccurring dream/nightmare, and both images that are in this post. 🙂

    I am not sure if any of this will help you or not, but here is a bit about something that happened back when I was a kid:

    There was a period of one or more weeks where I had bad/negative dreams/nightmares almost every night, I would run/hide in fear from the threats in the dreams (which would be different in almost every dream probably), and I would either wake myself up from the dreams (which I taught myself/learned how to do when I was a kid http://johnjronline.wordpress.com/2011/02/20/how-i-learned-my-first-dream-powertechnique-or-how-i-learned-to-wake-myself-up-from-dreams/) or I would wake up when I got too afraid.

    I got tired of this so during the day I started mentally and verbally telling myself that I was not going to be constantly terrified/tormented in my own dreams every night, that they were just dreams and that I had the power to control them, that I would face my fear(s) in the dreams, et cetera; and I kept doing this each day trying to train myself to remember this in a dream, because usually you do not realize that you are dreaming, and so I needed to train myself to remember this even in a dream.

    I probably looked for patterns in those dreams and I tried to look for something that I could use as a trigger to help remind me that I was dreaming and that I should face my fear(s), I probably decided that getting very afraid/when I become very afraid would be the trigger, but I can not remember; and so if I got very afraid, then the hope was that my mental/verbal reminders would activate, and then I would remember to face my fear(s) and I would realize that I am dreaming.

    One night I had a dream that took place during the day in the alley outside of my parents yard where some of their pets and pet cages are, I had a BB gun, and I shot maybe a squirrel with it; and it glided to another tree because it was a flying squirrel I think (which I did not know at first or I would not have shot it).

    I think that it flew closer to where I was maybe so I ran closer and I think that it changed into a greenish-colored snake, and it started chasing me so I ran in fear; but then I remembered my mental/verbal reminders to face my fear and that I was dreaming, and I started to get my courage back.

    All of my anger/et cetera of one or more weeks of being tormented in my dreams built up inside me and I used that to help give me extra courage, and I started attacking the snake with my BB gun while yelling at it that this was my dream and that I was not going to let it scare me in my dreams anymore.

    The snake ran/slithered away from me into my parent’s yard until it got closer to the house and I started beating it with the BB gun until the gun broke, I was so angry, and I started stomping and jumping on the snake yelling things at it until it was flat as paper and it died; and after that dream the cycle of constant negative dreams/nightmares ended even until this day pretty much, sometimes I have negative dreams of course but not reoccurring ones really, and the negative dreams usually do not bother me much now-a-days.

    All it took was for me to set that intent during the day each day, look for patterns/things that I could use in a dream to help me remember that intent and that I was dreaming, and then practice mentally/verbally each day until I remembered this while dreaming.

    Which is basically the same approach that I have used before to get myself to have a lucid dream, which that was basically because I realized that I was dreaming, but I did not give myself powers or anything like that (which you can do); but I used that opportunity to face my fear(s) one-on-one, and literally beat it to death. (If only it was that easy in real life/if only we could do that in real life 😀 )

    Anyway, hopefully there is something in there that you might/may find useful, also I probably made some mistakes because my memory of that dream is a bit unclear because it is so old. 😉

    -John Jr

    • I use lucid dreaming to take control of flying dreams. You wouldn’t believe the soaring adventures I’ve had in dreams. It inspires a lot of my best stories. I haven’t successfully punched the duck in the teeth, yet. But I have tried. It just always triggers the panic response and I wake up. That goose must’ve given me one heckuva shot of adrenaline.

      • Hello Authormbeyer,

        Taking control of flying dreams during lucid dreaming definitely sounds fun and amazing, I can only try to imagine some of the adventures that you must have went on, if only we could record some of our dream so that we could watch/listen to them and share them with others when ever we want to; that would be better than most big budget films. 😉

        When I first started trying to lucid dream my body would often panic and wake up once I realized that I was dreaming, and when I would rush to try to control the dream too soon before stabilizing it; and so I had to start trying to practice some stabilizing/calming techniques to help avoid that, and so maybe something like that could help you avoid waking up before being able to face that threat.

        I usually approach this in a very lazy way, barely even trying, and even I had a few successes without doing much research at all; and only trying a few things like not rushing to control the dream too soon or not trying to control the dream directly at all, reminding myself to stay calm mentally and verbally in the dream, and a few simple things like that.

        Facing a threat does not always have to be physical though, sometimes people will face the threat and try to talk to it, and peacefully deal with it in a dream trying to understand it and what it wants.

        I think that it would be worth considering practicing some techniques while you are awake that can hopefully help you in those situations when you are dreaming, in your case you have the cause/trigger identified, and so that makes it easier; and now you just need to practice setting your intent of how to respond to it the next time that you see it in a dream.

        Visualize some of those dreams and how you would like to respond to that threat without waking up, set that intent each day and night mentally/verbally/in writing/whatever before you go to sleep, and chances are that one day you will remember that intent when the time comes after training yourself to remember and training yourself on how you want to respond. 😉

        Good luck and thank you for responding. 🙂

        -John Jr

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