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I Love to Laugh

I still love to laugh.

Catch a Falling Star

It began in childhood with the Red Skelton Show.    Every Wednesday night it a was a refuge for me.  And refuge was a critical idea for me.  I was a child hiding a terrible secret from the entire world.  At times I hated myself.  Twice as a teen I came very close to choosing suicide over life.  The person I most needed to hide from was myself.  And humor helped.  Red Skelton’s gentle humor helped me to not only escape from myself for a while, it taught me to laugh at my own foibles and not take things quite so seriously.

images (3)DSCN5308


In my college years I discovered humor in written form.  Mark Twain swiftly earned my utter devotion as I read not only Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, but Roughing It, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Pudd’nhead Wilson, The Mysterious Stranger

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June 15, 2019 · 3:03 pm

The Be-Bop Beat of Mickey’s Brain

Today’s post is an edited version of an old post that I use as a touchstone, going back to the primary points and purposes of this blog… In Mickey’s best words… and he does have good words.

Catch a Falling Star

Truthfully, when I look back at the string of posts in the picket fence of this daily blog, I fail to see the overall map of it in any semblance of pattern or order. Honestly, I did not set out to be purposefully wacky.

I did, however, set out to be purposefully surreal. I mean it, I consciously put bizarrely dissimilar things together in an attempt to find parallels and connections in unlike things because, not only is it funny and surprising, but is a comic act that serves to keep the mind nimble and never numb. I do think quite a lot. And I try to see connections between things where others wouldn’t. For instance, the Coppertone girl with her bare butt and Bullwinkle with his unicycle are both being threatened in a way that is both comic, and taking advantage of their inherent image of innocence. Neither…

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June 15, 2019 · 2:57 pm

Robins, Blue Jays, and Blackbirds

This is good for a Sunday re-post. I know it is strange coming from an atheist. But I am actually a Christian Existentialist, so that’s an atheist who believes in God. I can’t help being slightly touched in the head. God does that to people.

Catch a Falling Star

God talks to me through the birds.  I know that sounds crazy.  Only a loony man like Francis of Assisi could ever believe such a foolish thing, right?  But is is true.  I am aware of the birds around me at all times because birds have meaning, and when I need to see certain signs from God to center and redirect my life and spiritual awareness, God puts certain birds in my way, hoping that I will see them and interpret their meaning correctly.

This morning at QT I saw three different kinds of bird.  First I saw a robin while eating my QT pumpkin spice doughnut.  Then a blue jay on the ground hopped out from behind the corner of the building.  Then a pair of blackbirds flew down to watch the jay hunting through the grass.


Robins are traditionally the bird of spring-time, the harbinger of the end…

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May 12, 2019 · 3:50 pm

The Need for Easy Pants

I needed an easy repost today, so I turned to an old one about easy pants.

Catch a Falling Star


I have never been an advocate of hard-to-wear pants.  Pants are suppose to be an aid to civilization, allowing a man to hide away the sensitive and sorta ugly bits that make him more like the animals, and in certain situations, unable to access the rational data-base in his little bean-like head.  My own need for comfortable pants is further complicated by an enlarged prostate that presses on the spine, as well as two lower vertebrae eroded by years of arthritis.  Pants have to be tight enough to hold me together, yet not so tight they cut off the blood flow and kill my lower half.  It would be danged inconvenient to have to walk around without any legs, or any butt, or any naughty bits.  If I wore Urkel pants, I might even lose my heart and my stomach, things I’m almost certain I would miss.  And I wouldn’t…

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May 2, 2019 · 9:56 pm

Nerd Class

Catch a Falling Star


Back in the 1980’s I was given the gift of teaching the Chapter I program students in English.  This was done because Mrs. Soulwhipple was not only a veteran English teacher, but also the superintendent’s wife.  She was the one gifted with all the star kids, the A & B students, the ones that would be identified as the proper kids to put into our nascent Gifted and Talented Program.  That meant that I would get all the kids that were C, D, & F in most of their classes, the losers, the Special Edwards, the learning disabled, the hyper rocketeers of classroom comedy, and the trouble makers.  And I was given this gift because, not only was I not a principal’s or superintendent’s wife, but I actually learned how to do it and became good at it.  How did I do that, you might ask?  I cheated.  I…

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April 26, 2019 · 3:27 pm

Milt Caniff

Here are some old thoughts that I still think about one of my all-time cartoonist heroes.

Catch a Falling Star

20160319_150610 My 1967 Captain Action Steve Canyon action figure.

I have always been a deeply devoted fan of the Sunday funnies.  And one of the reasons I read the comics religiously was the work of Milt Caniff.  His comic strips, Terry and the Pirates, Male Call, and Steve Canyon set a standard for the age of action comics and adventure strips.

I read his comics in the 1960’s and 1970’s and always it was Steve Canyon.  But this, of course, was not his first strip.  I would discover in my college years the wonders of Terry and the Pirates.  When Caniff started the strip before World War II, he set it in China, but actually knew nothing about China.  So he did research.  He learned about people who became oriental hereditary pirate families and organizations.  He learned to draw authentic Chinese settings.  His comedy relief characters, Connie and the…

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April 18, 2019 · 3:33 pm

Finding My Voice

Here’s an old rumination on point-of-view characters.

Catch a Falling Star

As Big MacIntosh welcomes more little ponies into my insanely large doll collection, I have been reading my published novel Snow Babies.  The novel is written in third person viewpoint with a single focus character for each scene.  But because the story is about a whole community surviving a blizzard with multiple story lines criss-crossing and converging only to diverge and dance away from each other again, the focus character varies from scene to scene.

20171214_121204 Big MacIntosh finds himself to be the leader of a new group of My Little Ponies.

In Canto Two, Valerie Clarke, the central main character of the story, is the focus character.  Any and all thoughts suggested by the narrative occur only in Valerie’s pretty little head.  Canto Three is focused through the mind of Trailways bus driver Ed Grosland.  Canto Four focuses on Sheriff’s Deputy Cliff Baily.  And so, on it goes through a…

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April 5, 2019 · 2:45 pm


Catch a Falling Star

One of the most important things about my blog has been that I can share my artwork.  I have always been capable of a reasonably high level of drawing ability.  I can also paint and create artistically original photographs.  I have that artist’s eye that sees creatively.  If you follow directions in this first Paffooney, you will see a wider variety of the kind of Paffoonies I post than I will post here.  This will be, however, a picture post.  I intend to share a bunch of my artwork here, both old and new.  Take a gander.  (And while you hold on to that male goose, look at some of my pictures, too.)

Animal Towntree time_gingerAztec

You have to admit that I am clearly not an artist like Van Gogh or Picasso… certainly nothing like Andrew Wyeth or Winslow Homer.  I am more of an illustrator, or … worse, a cartoonist.

Blue in the back yard

So, this…

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March 15, 2019 · 2:27 pm

The Gallery of Goofiness

An old picture Paffooney post revisited.

Catch a Falling Star

Looking for stuff to organize into a post today led me to realize that I currently exist swimming in a tidal wave of goofy images that I myself have created.


So, lazy and goofy old me will now show you some of these things.

I don’t even remember why I drew some of these things.

Some of it, is obviously because I was a teacher.


But some of it is merely wacky.


Though some might be considered inspirational.



While some of it is just meant to be appealing.

But all of it provides me with an easy post that you can read fast, but still get plenty to think about from.  It is even good for a re-post if I add something newer.


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March 15, 2019 · 1:46 pm

Bernie Memes

I reblog this now in honor of Bernie of the Wild Hair joining the Democratic field in the Presidential campaign of 2020.

Catch a Falling Star

I try very hard to be an equal-opportunity satirist.  And as I was trying to find Bernie Memes to balance all the lovely Trump lampoons I get from Facebook friends on a daily basis, I discovered a gold mine of Bernie crap that I have never seen.  Apparently the people in my social media bubble are not actually mostly conservative.  I could say that it is because conservatives are not smart enough to be funny.  But these things disprove that.  So let me share things I found.


49b9301d9d7d0b72a458b3966e123ee2 Hmm!  Maybe this one isn’t so funny.


Yep, Bernie is one of those likable cartoon characters that no matter how much you make jokes about him, even though the jokes are true, you can’t help but think, “Bernie is a really good guy!”

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February 20, 2019 · 3:29 pm