One of the most important things about my blog has been that I can share my artwork.  I have always been capable of a reasonably high level of drawing ability.  I can also paint and create artistically original photographs.  I have that artist’s eye that sees creatively.  If you follow directions in this first Paffooney, you will see a wider variety of the kind of Paffoonies I post than I will post here.  This will be, however, a picture post.  I intend to share a bunch of my artwork here, both old and new.  Take a gander.  (And while you hold on to that male goose, look at some of my pictures, too.)

Animal Town

tree time_ginger


You have to admit that I am clearly not an artist like Van Gogh or Picasso… certainly nothing like Andrew Wyeth or Winslow Homer.  I am more of an illustrator, or … worse, a cartoonist.

Blue in the back yard

So, this is at least partially about sharing artwork.  I am not a professional artist.  I have made no money from drawing, even though my artwork has been published before.  I have been given this talent by God not to be famous and wealthy, but to be a better teacher and a better storyteller.


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7 responses to “Google “PAFFOONEY”

  1. Nice work. The one with the child with his hands in his mouth in front of a mural is my favorite. I think you captured him well.

  2. Thanks. I like that one too. It’s from my time in South Texas.

  3. It must feel nice to see all of your work together–an accomplishment to see the result of many hours of work, each drawing a labor of love. Thank you for sharing your art. I have really enjoyed your creations.

  4. Beautiful artwork. I love the one with the Hollyhocks in the background, and also the girl with the skateboard. 🙂

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