Bernie Memes

I try very hard to be an equal-opportunity satirist.  And as I was trying to find Bernie Memes to balance all the lovely Trump lampoons I get from Facebook friends on a daily basis, I discovered a gold mine of Bernie crap that I have never seen.  Apparently the people in my social media bubble are not actually mostly conservative.  I could say that it is because conservatives are not smart enough to be funny.  But these things disprove that.  So let me share things I found.




Hmm!  Maybe this one isn’t so funny.



Yep, Bernie is one of those likable cartoon characters that no matter how much you make jokes about him, even though the jokes are true, you can’t help but think, “Bernie is a really good guy!”


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3 responses to “Bernie Memes

  1. I am not sure Bernie would have won because he would have been painted as a “communist, not a socialist” and increasing taxes is a non-starter for too many. Yet, I would have loved to have seen a man who tells the truth debate the man whose modus operandi his entire career is paved with misrepresentation.

    Bernie stood up in front of coal miners and told them the truth – your jobs are not coming back and here is what I propose. The President-elect and many legislators have not been honest with these hard working people for several years. Also, the best speech about WWJD at Liberty University in the campaign was made by a little Jewish senator from Vermont. He took a hostile crowd and made them think.

    Truth be told, Bernie would have a hard time getting things passed through Congress controlled by the GOP, but we would have an honest man in the White House, who would not scare the crap out of us any time something happens in the world or country.

    • I really like your assessment of good old Bernie. He is really one of a kind, and I would’ve loved to have him as president, but the changes he wanted to make would’ve gotten him killed just like JFK. And probably in Dallas, Texas too.

  2. Reblogged this on Catch a Falling Star and commented:

    I reblog this now in honor of Bernie of the Wild Hair joining the Democratic field in the Presidential campaign of 2020.

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