Bernie Memes

I reblog this now in honor of Bernie of the Wild Hair joining the Democratic field in the Presidential campaign of 2020.

Catch a Falling Star

I try very hard to be an equal-opportunity satirist.  And as I was trying to find Bernie Memes to balance all the lovely Trump lampoons I get from Facebook friends on a daily basis, I discovered a gold mine of Bernie crap that I have never seen.  Apparently the people in my social media bubble are not actually mostly conservative.  I could say that it is because conservatives are not smart enough to be funny.  But these things disprove that.  So let me share things I found.


49b9301d9d7d0b72a458b3966e123ee2 Hmm!  Maybe this one isn’t so funny.


Yep, Bernie is one of those likable cartoon characters that no matter how much you make jokes about him, even though the jokes are true, you can’t help but think, “Bernie is a really good guy!”

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February 20, 2019 · 3:29 pm

4 responses to “Bernie Memes

  1. Mickey, what I tell people is the following. Whether you like the various policies espoused by Bernie Sanders or not, he will be telling the truth about the underlying problems.

    The best example I can give is as follows: Senator Bernie Sanders was the only Presidential candidate (including Hillary) who stood up in front of a group of coal miners and told them the truth. He said “your jobs are going away and they are not coming back.” But, then he added his plan to help with short term money and job retraining.

    Contrast that to the current US President. An energy reporter said in 2016 Trump’s own plan will further kill coal and it has. There have been more coal plant closures in his first two years than under the entire first four years of Obama. Part of that is unfair, as coal is on the demise due to natural gas being cheaper, and now renewables getting closer on par in production costs.

    Yet, Trump lied to these people and went one bridge further. He cut funding to coal miner job retraining programs. Why? Another energy reporter said it succinctly. Trump is for coal owners, not coal miners; there is a huge difference.

    By the way, Trump and McConnell begged TVA not to shutter two coal facilities last week. The TVA Board decided to do so as it would cost too much money to fix and maintain. Saying it directly, capitalism is killing coal. The present value of all coal costs dwarf that of other sources. Coal ash risk continues for years beyond the plant’s lifetime.


  2. Mickey, take a peek at my recent blog “Racing in Texas.” My grandmother hand wrote this story, maybe from a radio broadcast or periodical. Given your location, I was wondering if you ever heard this one. It reads like a Jerry Clower story. Keith

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