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Secrets in the Vault

The award that was given to me yesterday was not so much this blog as it was for my little vault.  I opened a can of worms a while back when I created a second blog on WordPress more or less by accident.  I wasn’t really interested so much in giving myself more writing tasks to do, rather, I decided I would use this other blog to store whole stories, poems, and cartoons.  I really haven’t figured out how to link this blog to that one, or that one to this… and since WordPress “improved” everything by changing all the controls, I really don’t know how to properly link something or put a URL into this prose, but here is the web address for that blog;



It is a place where I have posted more complete works that, though mostly still unfinished, will take a little bit longer to look at and read.  I know that my daily 500 words on this goofy blog is too much for most internet readers, and these things take way more time to read than is good for you.  But some readers of this blog have recently discovered that the thing exists, and I have had a sudden burst of interest.  I gained five followers to the vault yesterday.  I think I have six total.  I don’t post there often enough to generate traffic, but I do keep stuff there that certain of my followers here are likely to enjoy if they are foolish enough to buy into this whole artwork and wordswork nonsense that I constantly do.  So, there it is… a little bit more of me than you were probably ready for.

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The Ancient Lost Kingdom

In our original Dungeons and Dragons campaign back in the 1980’s, the player characters followed a series of clues until they discovered the land was once civilized under the rule of Castle Starnor, and Arthur, the White Stag King.  The wizard Merlini revealed to the heroes that the Raggedy Prince whose army of monsters they defeated was actually descended from the White Stag King, which was strange because people believed the myth that Arthur had actually been a spirit stag, a ghost deer with arcane powers.  The prince was cast into the dungeon in the city of Balindale, the city they had liberated from his monstrous army.  The wizard Merlini was able to study the prince up close and learn more.  


During the Black Wizard Crisis, the heroes captured the Black Wizard’s right-hand witch and cast her into the same dungeon where the Raggedy Prince dwelt.  The two villains fell in love.  Their child, young Sarris, was determined by Merlini to be the rightful heir of Starnor.  He possessed magic from the time of Arthur which turned him into a werebear, suggesting that there was truth to the tale of Arthur’s ability to transform into a stag.  Merlini removed the baby from the dungeon and raised him personally, aided by his young apprentice Pip.  For years they groomed the boy to rule as the heroes searched for the ruins of mighty Starnor.


It was discovered that the southern section of the kingdom of Starnor was still ruled by the Lich King Frakkus, known widely as Nightmare.  Frakkus had been the Necromantic adviser to Arthur and may have had a hand in Arthur’s ultimate demise.  From Frakkus the heroes learned that Starnor could be magically revived by defeating the demon who had carried it off to another dimension.  They also learned that the only way to succeed was to make an alliance with Frakkus.  The Lich King would remain in control of the South and the fortress of Rau’s Bones.  So, instead of slaying the evil necromancer, the heroes helped him defeat and imprison the demon.  Starnor was revived.  Sarris was placed on the throne and was given the most trustworthy of advisers, including the Grizzled Wizard Gristhane.  Sarris, in the form of a bear, would rule Castle Starnor benevolently, potentially forever.



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