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The Boy… Forever (Free Book Promotion)

My most-recently-published book is now available for free from Amazon. I have tried this free-book promotion idea with other books, but this is the newest book I have available. I need to give away a bunch of books, so help yourself to one with the above link.

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Promos with Paffoonies

A Paffooney used in the act of promoting Snow Babies this week.

This week, April 1st through 5th, I created a promotion in which my novel Snow Babies is available for free in e-book format. This is supposed to put the book out there and make people want to read it. I hope I can learn how to use this promotional thingie better than I have for the first time.

I tried to get people to buy it by putting out ads like this, self-created, that had a link to the purchase page on Amazon.

Here’s the link for this post; https://www.amazon.com/Snow-Babies-Michael-Beyer-ebook/dp/B077PMQ4YF/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_2?keywords=michael+beyer+books+snow+babies&qid=1554391562&s=gateway&sr=8-2-fkmrnull

It looks better on Twitter or Facebook than it does here.

I posted it daily on Facebook, Twitter, here on WordPress, and through individual emails and direct messages. So far this week, I have given away four free copies and sold three paperbacks. The paperbacks were bought by me, two of them to give away to specific people, and one that my sister bought before I could send her one. I also intend to send one as a surprise to the girl from my grade school class that the main character on the cover is named after. I am hoping that she and her daughters and granddaughters will read it and love it rather than burn it.

I made a connection over Twitter with Prince Hamdan Mohammed of Saudi Arabia over it, a surprise to me to say the least, though I have no reason to believe that he even accepted the free copy of my book.

But that’s the sum of my promotional results it seems. I may have earned $5 in royalties this week. I may have bargained for one positive review. I have a Saudi Prince for a pen-pal. And my literary work will probably remain in obscurity until long after I am dead, if it even splashes then.

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Snow Babies Novel Promotion

I will be making my best YA novel, Snow Babies, available for free on Amazon in Kindle e-book format starting April 1st. You will be able to find it on Amazon through this link; https://www.amazon.com/Snow-Babies-Michael-Beyer-ebook/dp/B077PMQ4YF/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1?keywords=michael+beyer+books+snow+babies&qid=1553783197&s=gateway&sr=8-1-fkmrnull

It will be free even without a Kindle Unlimited membership from April 1st, 2019 through April 5th.

And really, this is the best book I have written so far.

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Show Kindness to Children


Hopefully on the way to being published.


I don’t usually do political stuff, but I need to be an activist for children as a former teacher and current parent.  My novel is about four boys running away from the foster care system that has misused and de-valued them. They are caught in a small Iowa farm town by a terrible blizzard, and it becomes the goal of some of the townspeople to make a place for them in the midst of a deadly snowstorm.  It has some relevance to what’s happening on our southern border.

Children are flocking to this country to escape terrible things and cruel lives of suffering of one sort or another.  Angry Americans are trying to turn them away and shut the door in their faces.  It strikes me that someone is not paying attention to a fundamental fact about children.  Children are valuable.  They are an investment that pays off in the future in ways that you cannot estimate the monetary value of.  They are future people of consequence, potentially able to provide service and gain to the people who willingly take them in.  Many of them have relatives in this country already.  Many of them have plans and places to go already.  But even the ones who are going to cost us time, effort, and money are valuable beyond measure.  We should be taking them in and opening our hearts and our wallets for them.  Didn’t Jesus say, “What you do for the least of these, you do also for me?”  Even if he didn’t say that, that is how we should feel.

I ended my career teaching English to kids who came to Texas from other countries and didn’t speak English well enough to get by without special help.  I met and worked with wonderful young people from Eritrea, Pakistan, Lebanon, Viet Nam, China, El Salvador, and Mexico.  Many of them came to this country with limited resources and no money.  Many of them have had to work very hard for the things we all take for granted.  And here’s the kicker… they are all just like my own great great grandfather who came from Germany and learned English in Pennsylvania where people looked down on him for taking American jobs even though he worked at things most Americans didn’t want to do.  These kids are just like us.  We are not far removed from them in the ways we pretend.  We should not be building fences and fighting to keep them out.  Let’s rather spend the money on celebrating their escape from their troubles and their choice to come help us build a better life in this so-called land of opportunity.   

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