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Can You Draw Happy?

I have had to report racing heartbeats every night since I’ve been wearing the monitor.  It has been recording things that I have missed.  But do I really have to worry?  No.  The doctor hasn’t called to say go to the emergency room.  I am now waking up every day with more confidence.  Yay!  I am still not dead!  Every day is a blessing.  And there is treatment to help non-lethal tachycardia.  I have reason to believe I won’t be dead tomorrow too.  So I will keep on writing and living and living to write, and to honor that resolution I will share the happy-doodle Paffooney that I doodled this morning after waking up not-dead.



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Broken Hearts

Last night I had an episode that may have been tachycardia, a scary enough thing, but that was followed by chest pain in the area of my heart.  I came very near to calling 911 and going to the emergency room at about 2:20 a.m.  I didn’t, or rather, I kinda passed out before I got to the phone.  But it turned out okay.  I have been to the cardiologist twice before for the same thing.  It turned out that the electrocardiogram was completely normal.  Before it was my COPD that fooled me into thinking I was having a heart attack.  This time was probably also that.  Lung pain and muscle spasms can disguise themselves in Halloween costumes of myocardial infarction.  But I am over the scare now.  I am not dead.  I am apparently not dying yet.  So I am still playing games with Paffooney backgrounds.

Yes, I know you are getting tired of this same background, but I’m still playing while I still am able.Drawn


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