Can You Draw Happy?

I have had to report racing heartbeats every night since I’ve been wearing the monitor.  It has been recording things that I have missed.  But do I really have to worry?  No.  The doctor hasn’t called to say go to the emergency room.  I am now waking up every day with more confidence.  Yay!  I am still not dead!  Every day is a blessing.  And there is treatment to help non-lethal tachycardia.  I have reason to believe I won’t be dead tomorrow too.  So I will keep on writing and living and living to write, and to honor that resolution I will share the happy-doodle Paffooney that I doodled this morning after waking up not-dead.



Filed under artwork, drawing, goofiness, humor, Paffooney

5 responses to “Can You Draw Happy?

  1. Love the picture… and the fact that you are alive…

  2. YAY, thank you! I love the happy doodle…so many good things in the picture. I have supra-ventricular tachycardia, have had this for years, possibly decades now. I wore a monitor for three days a couple of years ago. They said it wasn’t anything to worry about unless my heart rate stayed elevated like that for hours at a time. Something about lying on my right side sets it off. When it happens, I remember I have a heart. It’s almost as if my heart is saying, “Hi, remember me? I’m here.” Almost as if it is waving rapidly to me to get my attention. I’m a glad you are alive, my friend. You have a great big heart.

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