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I know this is incredibly hard to believe, but there are now 700 people who are computer literate enough to follow a blogger on WordPress who actually made the mistake of following my goofy little blog and failing to figure out how to un-follow someone.

Cool School Blue news

I believe, based on evidence in the comments I have received, that some people go beyond looking at my happy little Bob-Ross-and-Disney-crossbred-clone-artworks and actually read my posts.  And further, they seem to enjoy and be mostly amused by my witless attempts at humor and wit… at least the non-political and non-kook-apple-conspiracy-buff stuff.  How I ever managed to thoroughly snow and deceive that many literate people… I will probably never figure out.  But if you have waded through this lazy-post paragraph of purple paisley prose about own-horn tooting… thank you so much for reading my words.


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Here’s the Missing Link

Here is the link to my vault where I am storing stories in a storied way… erm, well… there are cartoon stories there, anyhow.

Mickey’s House of Fiction

Yes, it’s true, my house is fiction.  There are nothing but lies living there… and me of course.

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post-milestone-500-2xOkay, now I have gone and done it… 500 times I have written something and posted it on WordPress.  I have officially crossed into that territory known as obsessive-compulsive writing.  I blogged before when I was a substitute teacher waiting for classroom wounds to heal back in 2005-2007 (Oh, and landing a new teaching job after the Wicked Witch of Creek Valley made me temporarily radioactive… another story for another day).  I blogged on Xanga.  I have shared blogs on Google+ and Facebook as well, but nowhere have I ever piled up this much foo-bah and wildly wasted wordage as I have here.  So, why am I doing it? Because I care about writing… I need to do it every day… and just like I taught English students for 31 years in middle school and high school, the circle of writing is not complete if you don’t share it.  I had to close a lot of circles to get where I am now.

There are other things I have accomplished as well.  I have paffoonied all over my blog with cartoons and drawings and scribbles and foofy drivel.  I have made up words like “foofy” and “paffooney” and made them a regular part of a Mickian lexicon.  (Mickian = distinctly a part of the overall Mickey Universe, or Mickiverse, if you will.)  I have stunk up the place with numerous word-farts in the form of parenthetic expressions (set off with parenthesis) (and I bet you thought that was due to random brain spasms occurring in all the wrong places rather than a thought-out part of a conscious style… well, you may have been right about that.)  I have shared the artwork and literature and movies and even the music that I love with you, hoping to pass on some of the same infatuations that informed my inner thought-life and made me the mess that I am.

Let me briefly re-use some of my artwork that has been posted here to give you a cruel aftertaste of what I have been up to here in this blog;

girl n birdtree time bannersuperchick_novelBeauty class Miss McoverLong Ago sunnyface2SpaceheartScraggles

So far all this blogging and posting has lead to a lot of me getting spread across tiny slices of the internet like warm, squishy butter on super-absorbent toast.  So far it doesn’t seem that the taste of it has seriously offended anyone’s palate.  One never knows, however, what tomorrow will bring.  What will I post tomorrow?  I have no idea.  But unless I drop dead tonight, I will post tomorrow.  I have made it my goal to post every single day of 2015.  I have not let down yet, four months in… so you should really brace yourself.  You may have to endure a lot more.


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Another Self-Promotional Announcement from Mickey

Dr Seabreezannounce

I’m not bragging.  I know it is not that much.  But it’s more than twice what I had at the start of 2014.


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600 Followers (Or Twice What Leonidas had at Thermopylae)


Thanks to http://http://theneverchronicles.wordpress.com/http://http://waitingonaword.wordpress.com/, and http://http://createarteveryday.com/ for putting me over the top!


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School Is Out For Miss Morgan

Cool School Blue

I have done it.  I wrote the final scenes in my story of the school teacher who loves to teach and runs afoul of fairies fighting a war of good versus evil.  The epilogue put the cherry on top last night, so I actually finished this book on Christmas Day 2014.  I have great plans for this book.  It is the best thing I have ever written.  I based the lessons presented and the teacher experiences on my own teaching career.  I transformed myself into the viewpoint character, Miss Morgan, though I did not actually have the sex change operation.  The fairies are all based on real fairies I have known… as are the students in Miss Morgan’s classes… based on real students, I mean.  The evil principals, teachers, and parents in the story are totally fictional.  Yes, I have to keep telling myself that to prevent nightmares.  I don’t know about the goblins.  It’s hard to get to know critters you are spending your life stepping on and wiping out.  I hope a few people read this book one day.  I think it is one of the greatest pieces of literature ever to come out of a Midwesterner who moved to Texas and became a school teacher for 31 years before losing his mind, wigging out, and believing he could become a published author writing great pieces of literature.


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June 25, 2014 · 11:49 pm

Snow Baby Progress

Snow Baby Progress

I was scratching my head about what to post (a plan of action that never works as well as actually thinking about it) when I came across an email from PDMI Publishing. They have accepted my novel Snow Babies and are planning to publish it. Hurray! No more thinking for today!


May 4, 2014 · 6:40 pm

Snow Babies (Proof that I’m not a loser as a writer)



My novel Snow Babies that I submitted to Chanticleer Book Reviews for the Dante Rossetti Awards for Young Adult Fiction has been awarded a place among thirty-one finalists.  Here is the link; http://chantireviews.com/chanticleer-contest-deadlines-and-announcement-projections/finalists-for-the-dante-rossetti-awards-for-young-adult-fiction/

I should know by the end of January if I win or not, but the fact that I made the finals feels like vindication!

Above you see the mock-up cover that I drew for myself.  (The novel was submitted as an unpublished manuscript).  Here is another Paffooney with the main character of Snow Babies, Valerie Clarke.





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