Pictures I Like Whether I Drew Them or Not

The key factor in having an artist’s eye is being able to find what is beautiful no matter what or where you look.


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4 responses to “Pictures I Like Whether I Drew Them or Not

  1. The unicorn and the Pegasus are exquisite! I love horses.

    • Those are both oil paintings by Greg Hildebrandt, one of my favorite painters. He illustrates lots of classic children’s books like Peter Pan.

      • I looked him up because of this comment. He has a very distinct style of art. Most of it not particularly children’s book fare, from what I can tell. His style is very similar to one used for cover art for Piers Anthony novels. I couldn’t find any correlation between the two, so my assumption is that the person that illustrates for Piers bases his style on Hildebrandt. Thank you for sparking my interest in this.

      • Greg and Tim Hildebrandt got famous for doing calendar art for Tolkien’s books, especially The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. They worked for practically every major book publisher. Tim did most of the covers for the Anthony books you mention. After Tim passed away, Greg took on a series of fully oil-painted illustrations for kids’ books. I have read Peter Pan, the Wizard of Oz, and Dracula.because, not only am I a Hildebrandt fan, but also a reading teacher in public schools for many years. The pictures I posted are commissioned by Spencer’s Gifts as bedroom posters tor teens in the 1980’s. The Brothers also did the original Star Wars movie poster.

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