Saturdays are Coming Faster and Faster

I suppose with the threat of Coronavirus hanging over the house, the days are getting shorter because the end of time for me is drawing nearer. I have just started a subscription with Pubby, an online company that lets you review the books of others. And in return, they will review yours. That’s a plan that will only bear fruit if it has enough time to grow.

I, of course, started with Snow Babies. It may not be the best that I have written, but it’s at least close, and it is my favorite.

Sing Sad Songs will be the second one I will add.

The first review I got was a five-star review. But the reader read it apparently only in one day, rather than the four days I gave him. (That is the most that Pubby allows.) I would really rather get a lower score if I knew that the reader was actually reading and not just skimming.

The novel covers and illustrations I have included here for Saturday Art Day are all other books I think are worthwhile getting reviewed. It takes a while though to earn enough points by reading and reviewing to get another review on one of my books. They say that once you buy a subscription, the reviews are free. But they are not. You have to earn points to get them. In other words, you have to work for it.

These first few all have four or five star reviews on them already, before Pubby. But some of them have nudist characters in them doing nudist activities, and that may cause them to do poorly with people who think you shouldn’t even read about people having no clothes on. The one directly above got a five star review, but it is set in a nudist park and it was a nudist who reviewed it.

This book has not yet been read by anyone but me, as far as I know.

I can finally get a review on Magical Miss Morgan too, now that I got back my publishing rights from Page Publishing and republished it on Amazon.

And this weekend I have a free promotion going on this book, the second in the AeroQuest series. You can click on the BUY ON AMAZON button and buy it in Kindle format for zero dollars.


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3 responses to “Saturdays are Coming Faster and Faster

  1. Good to see you’ve been busy. πŸ™‚ Never heard of Pubby, but it looks like a worthwhile project to get involved in an I might give it a shot when I get to that stage with my novels. On another note, you might consider a different coloured font on the title of When the Captain Calls. I struggled to read it and it hurt my eyes in the process.
    Keep up the good work.

    • That is not the cover I published. I went with wood-grain in place of the yellow border and the title was narrow burnt orange letters on a purple background on the real post. I just chose random cover art for the art post. Pubby is $20 a month, by the way, but they charge the whole year at once to get that price. $240 fir a first charge with a ten day free trial before it.

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