Coping For Now

Yeah… Life is mostly not fair. Today I had to take number 2 son to the testing site near Parkland Hospital in Dallas. He got the COVID test because a prisoner at the county jail where he works as a guard tested positive, and then Henry started showing symptoms at home, and was too sick to work by Wednesday evening. The Sheriff’s Office is very concerned. He got in for a test faster than most people can, and the Sheriff’s Office is paying for it.

Of course, I am already exposed. And I have three health conditions normally associated with COVID deaths in people my age. Still, I don’t feel sick yet. And I had H1N1 twice, both strains of it. It is possible that I have leftover resistance and t-cells from that. But I am done feeling sorry for myself. Time to get more writing done.


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8 responses to “Coping For Now

  1. Take care, both you and your son.

  2. Out here getting a COVID test is easy. Same day as the doctor recommends and quick results. I just had one a couple days ago. I was negative. Been trying to get into a vaccine trial. I’m considered high risk and all. 50% chance of getting the vaccine and if it works I’d have some immunity.

    • I know it is a carefully considered risk, but stay as safe as you can, my friend. You are one of a kind, and we’ve lost enough of those to COVID alread;y.

      • Ach der lieber!

        Uniqueness is a curse. All I ever wanted was to be an normal kid with friends and maybe get a position in science or engineering. Aside from that I just wanted to be accepted. Pretty much failed on all accounts.

        Being “one of a kind” just leaves me lonely and alienated.

      • Meine Gute! I do suffer from the same curse. I decided to try being positive… even though I am a pessimist. A positive pessimist. See, irony is my forte. I live for iron in my diet.

  3. Stay safe, my prayers for you and your family…

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