Therein Lies the Treasure


Yesterday I finished a novel.  Yes, it was a novel that was more playtime than serious attempt at great literature.  But just because it was fun and not painful to write does not make it unworthy of making the effort.

In fact, writing projects like that are really the only thing that keeps me going in spite of pain, illness, and the frustrations of trying to stay alive and thrive.


So, here are the Cantos of this book as it appears on this blog;

Canto 1 xxxxxxxxxx Canto 26 xxxxxxxxx Canto 51

Canto 2 xxxxxxxxxx Canto 27 xxxxxxxxx Canto 52

Canto 3 xxxxxxxxxx Canto 28 xxxxxxxxx Canto 53

Canto 4 xxxxxxxxxx Canto 29 xxxxxxxxx Canto 54

Canto 5 xxxxxxxxxx Canto 30 xxxxxxxxx Canto 55

Canto 6 xxxxxxxxxx Canto 31 xxxxxxxxx Canto 56

Canto 7 xxxxxxxxxx Canto 32 xxxxxxxxx Canto 57

Canto 8 xxxxxxxxxx Canto 33 xxxxxxxxx Canto 58

Canto 9 xxxxxxxxxx Canto 34 xxxxxxxxx Canto 59

Canto 10 xxxxxxxxx Canto 35 xxxxxxxxx Canto 60

Canto 11 xxxxxxxxx Canto 36 xxxxxxxxx Canto 61

Canto 12 xxxxxxxxx Canto 37 xxxxxxxxx Canto 62

Canto 13 xxxxxxxxx Canto 38 xxxxxxxxx Canto 63

Canto 14 xxxxxxxxx Canto 39 xxxxxxxxx Canto 64

Canto 15 xxxxxxxxx Canto 40 xxxxxxxxx Canto 65

Canto 16 xxxxxxxxx Canto 41 xxxxxxxxx Canto 66

Canto 17 xxxxxxxxx Canto 42 xxxxxxxxx Canto 67

Canto 18 xxxxxxxxx Canto 43 xxxxxxxxx Canto 68

Canto 19 xxxxxxxxx Canto 44

Canto 20 xxxxxxxxx Canto 45

Canto 21 xxxxxxxxx Canto 46

Canto 22 xxxxxxxxx Canto 47

Canto 23 xxxxxxxxx Canto 48

Canto 24 xxxxxxxxx Canto 49

Canto 25 xxxxxxxxx Canto 50

So there it is, all 43,403 words of it, published for free on WordPress, accessible by this post if you bookmark it.  Comments, suggestions, humiliations, and conflagrations are all welcome.

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