Becoming a Nudist


I have been to a nudist park and taken all my clothes off one time and one time only so far.  Yesterday was supposed to be visit number two.  On a Saturday there were supposed to be more visitors to meet and get to know… and I mean really get to know.  But it didn’t happen because of weather and poor health.  It rained.  And my blood sugar was a long way from perfect.  In many ways it was a relief not to go.  I was nervous about being with a crowd of naked people.  I was nervous about how to act and where to go, and especially, “What are the most embarrassing mistakes that beginning nudists make?”


Because I figure I will probably make them.  And will it be extra embarrassing because I am walking around naked?  Probably.

But I do think it is not going to be a mere one-time experience that I will never do again.  I think I am committed to going back, not just because I am supposed to be writing for a nudist website, but because it benefits me health-wise, both physically and mentally.

To be specific, I have visited the Bluebonnet nudist park near Alvord, Texas. It is a beautiful campground and clubhouse facility.  I borrowed pictures from their website to post on this blog and give them a bit of extra advertising.


Here’s the things that benefited me the most.  I got to meet some of the most welcoming and accepting people you ever want to meet.  They are polite, interesting to talk to, and just as naked and vulnerable as I am.  You can’t get much more socially equal than when you are talking to naked people.

The sunshine was also a very good thing for me.  The problem I have with psoriasis in old age is that the plaques and sores that result are never quite dry enough to heal when you are wearing clothes in the Texas heat.  But in the nude in the midst of nature, I felt cool and dry and hadn’t even a hint of the old itch that made me want to tear my skin off.


They have a beautiful pool there, which I had all to myself during that first visit.  The picture with people in it is from their website.  It is one of two pools that they have there for weekly water-volleyball.

I didn’t believe it would be so relaxing and fun the first time I went, but I can safely say the feel of it, the sense of accomplishment of it, the feeling of self-acceptance it gives me, was worth all the risk of embarrassment I faced.  It was a stupid thing to do.  But I am not the only idiot drawn to it.  There are actually thousands of nudists in the United States.  There are even more  in Canada too.  I am actually glad I did it.  And though I didn’t make it back there on Saturday as originally planned, I do think I will be doing it again.


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17 responses to “Becoming a Nudist

  1. Do I conclude from the pic of the boots amidst the flowers that you are allowed to wear shoes?

  2. There are more nudists in Canada than in the U.S.? But Canada only has a fraction of the population! Really interesting post.

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  4. Who is the artist? That picture is perfect!

  5. Ben sevier

    Enjoy! Social nudity is great, liberating, and quickly becomes your preferred way to live. Welcome!

  6. Bluebonnet is a nice place and we have several friends there. Come visit us @ Oaklake Trails in central Oklahoma. Many from Bluebonnet like to visit our resort.

  7. coolbrzy

    Normally I’m not a fan of “cartoon” style artwork, with enlarged eyes, and other variances from realistic depictions, however your work is very well done and tastefully so. Of course, naturism has a special interest for me, and the nudist version of the old ” “Archie” comic strip is also something I enjoy immensely. Your bio of how you came to draw nudes outside of class was fascinating, as was your description of your own nudist inclination. I encourage you to continue both… try the Meetup app for nudist groups or google AANR & TNS in the US; FKK in Germany; HCN in Canada, H&E in the UK; or for international groups. Also try the Model Society for tips on working with models, and try a free advert on social media for those who’d like a nude portrait of themselves. Add an email contact so you can filter out the pranksters and verify the serious enquiries, along with demos of your work, and you might be surprised at the takers.

  8. coolbrzy

    I’m curious about the name “Pafooney”. It seems like a cross between puffery and buffoonery, neither of which has positive connotations. Your articles are well written and address serious subjects, so I am wondering about the origin of the word/title/name.

    • A Paffooney is a word I made up for Mickian art (artwork by me). It’s made up from cartoon-buffoon-who-is-loony. It stands for the part of me that needs to never be taken too seriously. Also, you can picture-search on Google with “Google Paffooney ” and bring up a cross-section of my posted artwork.

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