Why Do You Think That? Part 4

I had to think long and hard about this.  I don’t know how to go about it because I myself am really the opposite of a nudist or a naturist.  I cover up parts of me in public that most people don’t because of psoriasis and unsightly sores on my arms, hands, neck, and jawline.  But I used to know naturists.  I have walked among them, even though I was never brave enough to actually walk naked among them.  But I have this goofy thought that has been nagging me from a back corner of the upstairs filing rooms of my stupid old head.  All people are actually nudists under their clothes.


Now, if a doofus is trying to argue something as crazily goofy as this, he better have some good main points backed up by real research.  I, of course, am probably not as sensible as that, so let me go with these three main points;

  1. Public nudity is not an invasion of privacy since the person pretty much has to be intentionally nude, and they are not revealing anything that isn’t true of all of us.
  2. Artists really need to draw and paint nudes because one can’t create realistic figures without discovering how to do it by practice.
  3. Naked people are generally happier and more sane than the rest of us.



When I was visiting my girlfriend in the 1980’s at the clothing-optional apartment complex in Austin, Texas, I did not option for naked.  And I really couldn’t protest naked hairy guys strutting in front of me by the pool because I knew what was inside the gate when I knocked the first time.  Nudists are not really suffering from invasion of privacy.  They choose to be naked and choose to be in these places like nude beaches where other people are naked too.

You don’t accidentally become a nudist.  (Even though I wrote a novel about a boy accidentally becoming a nudist in Iowa in the 70’s.)  Even the nudists I have posted in these pictures are not having their privacy violated.  These images originate with old naturist publications purchased in the 80’s.   That means they intended them to be seen.  In fact, I am able to find ample nudism seeking an audience on Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter link to NeoNudist


BBC Why All Artists Should Have Naked Ambition

And either drawing nude models is an essential part of art training, or all people who learn to draw are perverts and just make art so they can ogle nude models.  I wrote in this crazy blog before about my experience with college-level nude drawing class.  I got a “C+”, not because I wasn’t any good at drawing the naked female art students and naked exhibitionist hairy guys that posed for us, but because the teacher was hyper critical and probably anal-retentive just the way all really exceptional art teachers probably are.


I am quite capable of drawing the delicate and exquisite nude figure without becoming a gynecological illustrator or even a crude, rude dude.  And there is art to it.  It is not meaningless.

But in the final analysis, we all have a bit of the nudist instinct in us.  We all secretly enjoy those times when we were able to be naked, however briefly, in the warm enfolding light of the sun.  If you have not experienced that and don’t know what I’m talking about, then why have you read this far through the post?  Why have my posts about drawing nudes and being around naturists been my most popular posts?

We have that urge to go naked because that is how God made us.  Being naked in the company of other naked people is actually good for you.  At least, Scientific American thinks so.

Benefits of Nudity from Scientific American

Daily Mail Being naked makes us happier with our bodies

In truth, my time among the naturists helped me recover from the trauma of being sexually assaulted by another boy when I was ten.  That was a long, painful journey that deprived me for a while of being able to be naked.  For a while I was too damaged to be a happy naturist.  But I have come so far now; I can even make this admission in writing.  I would like to be a nudist, even if only for a very brief while.  In fact, I think we are all at least a bit like that.  Now, if only my skin would stop flaking and peeling off.

Naked Wanderings



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9 responses to “Why Do You Think That? Part 4

  1. Real nudists don’t care about your skin. You shouldn’t either.

  2. Nobody who matters cares about your skin. You shouldn’t either.

    • Thanks, Fred. That’s the part of the naturist attitude that helps me through the psychological damage sustained incurable illnesses create. I am learning to live with it. And I am a nudist when I am by myself too.

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  5. Reblogged this on Catch a Falling Star and commented:

    This has been my most popular, most viewed post this year. I think it helps prove my point that people are not only naturally curious about nudism, but actually think about it as a possibility for themselves.

  6. The photo/drawing illustration just doesn’t work for me somehow. I think I know why he’s embarrassed.

  7. The first time I posed for an art class I was 18 and had never been nude in a coed environment before, let alone a nudist environment. It was a totally hot mess for me and I guess the class thought it was funny. (Stray thoughts about cute coeds.) Didn’t lose the job but I did get a warning not to let it happen again. Nobody in the class had cared. I persevered.

    It didn’t – or at least not enough that the instructor noticed. I eventually posed for several different classes and eventually different colleges and made my pocket money that way. I moved to Los Angeles and there were a lot of opportunities out here. I enjoyed the job for psychological reasons.

    I’d been a nudie since my earliest memories but in my particular environment that was way beyond acceptable. The job gave me a sense of acceptance, of feeling I wasn’t a bad person for feeling that way. It was my gateway into nudism as a hobby.

    • My experience with the modeling thing was the opposite to yours. I was the artist taking the class and drawing the models. But the models were all art students. It was voluntary, but we were supposed to take turns and earn 10 dollars for posing. My hand was shaking when I signed the list. There were only three male students in a class of forty, but two of us signed up. But the other guy chickened out and wore underwear. I didn’t have to make the decision for myself since I got the flu during the week when I was signed up. Female classmates told me that they were disappointed, but I noticed they were all laughing when they said it.

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