The Mickey Himself

I was desperate for a daily topic and trying to pull together all the best Senator Ted Cruz jokes I could think of when this message from my publisher, PDMI appeared on Facebook;

Daven Anderson

May 31 at 3:52pm · Edited

Good evening PDMI family!
Attention new PDMI team members: I would like to run features about you on our company Facebook pages. Don’t worry if you don’t have a book ready, these posts are about you. What drives you. What got you here to PDMI. Your hobbies and interests. Who *you* are.
Message me, the PDMI Publishing Facebook page, or e-mail me at (his proper email address not revealed here)
Thank you! smile emoticon

Aha!  I can write about myself, post it here to count for my goal of posting on WordPress every day this year, and then send it to him to fulfill this request.  That right there tells you a lot about me.  No, I don’t mean that I’m lazy.  Although I do re-post  a lot of old Paffoonies on this blog (  It means I have to be efficient and economize my best efforts.  I was a Texas public school teacher for 31 years, ending in a retirement last Spring because I suffer both from six incurable diseases, and the need to become a published author before I croak.  I have forty years worth of stories in me that have to get out in whatever time I have left.  I am ill and having breathing trouble today as I try to knock this post out at my usual 500 words plus of finished prose per day (that’s the minimum I have set for myself).  To date I have successfully published my book Catch a Falling Star that I published the hard way through I-Universe (now owned by Penguin Books).  That, however, is the hard way to publish.  All the editorial help and marketing help offered by I-Universe is offered for a price.  I had to write the book well enough to pass all their editorial standards and I had to pay a hefty sum of money for the privilege.  So, with the next novel project, I finished writing, and made it to the finals of Chanticleer Book Reviews YA novel contest, and then sought a new publisher,, who agreed to publish Snow Babies and gave me a publishing contract in which I no longer need to pay out of pocket to get my precious stories into print.  So, it is safe to say writing is now my second career, and if I starve to death in old age it won’t be because the government basically hates teachers.  No, that isn’t accurate either.  The government doesn’t hate teachers (not even the Texas government); they only hate having to pay them for their work.  To finish up, I should make a list of my many life-consuming useless hobbies, but blogging is one of them, so you can read about doll collecting, comic books, and other such nonsense on my blog.  I am also an amateur cartoonist, which I will prove with a couple of my picture Paffoonies that I created to go with my novels;

My Art 2 of Davalon Val B22


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3 responses to “The Mickey Himself

  1. I came over to check out your blog after you followed mine. Thanks for the follow. I too was a teacher at one time, although I did not last long enough in the profession to call it my career. I am so sympathetic and full of admiration to anyone who manages to stick with teaching these days, especially with all the issues facing the profession. Low salaries is one of them but the current emphasis on testing is so misguided. I am approaching retirement in my current career but have not yet taken that step. You have many interesting topics on your blog that I will enjoy exploring.

    • Thank you for the follow. I wish I could still be teaching. Some teachers, like me, find the kids are better and smarter every year and truly love teaching. But the healthcare situation is getting worse as I now need it more. Texas is one of those red States that will do anything to derail Obamacare, even though some of us with pre-existing conditions really need it. I try very hard to keep my blog interesting, and often it is the best writing I can do. I think your blog is very interesting too.

      • I understand what you are saying about the children. If most of my job had been interaction with students I would have felt very positive about it. I taught for 11 years and then was burned out. I hear what you’re saying about health care issues. Obamacare hasn’t been given a fair chance to work. Good luck to you.

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