Truth That’s Hard to Take

HildaAfter cooking the noon meal, (I have discovered a way to burn hot dog pieces that makes them taste good when stirred into the pot of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese) I was putting away the dishes I had washed, sorting out the silverware (actually made of stainless steel, not silver you potential burglars reading this blog could steal) and it hit me…  We have too many forks.  There are four separate kinds of forks in the silverware drawer, big-big forks, littler big forks, big-small forks, and little small forks.  It is an OCD nightmare for a chronic sorter and cataloger like me.  And the most frustrating thing of all is that my days of retired leisure are either spent doing the maddeningly mundane, like fork-sorting, or lying in bed writing and obsessing and writing and thinking and obsessing on the internet and writing some more.  Actual fun, I have none… and sour sauce is the only sauce I get with which to savor the life that is left.

The more I research things on the internet (for writing science fiction and fantasy humor for young adults… and never just to waste time!) the more I discover things that are true that I really wish were not.  I don’t have the life-force and energy left to expend to fight these things I have found, but they need to be fought.  Let me give you some fer-instances;

The world is in the grip of profiteers who want to continue to pump oil and mine coal out of the ground and burn it all for energy in a way that is the most profitable, regardless of what it does to our world.  Global warming and ocean acidification threaten all life on earth, including human life.  If mankind does not unite on this issue, we are going to put out the candle flame that is life on Earth.   And members of Congress are bringing snowballs into the capitol building to prove that climate change is a hoax, and climate-change deniers debate science and have seats on committees about science and energy policy.

So, we are all going to die in a matter of decades if we can’t transform profit-minded people who will happily kill us all as long as they can maintain their super-profitable exploitation of the natural world.  I know that sounds like hyperbole.  “Happily kill us all?”  Surely there are no powerful people out there who would willingly do that.  They must be doing this all accidentally, surely?  But there are people in power who have already proven what lengths they will go to for their for-profit enterprises.  Consider the actual evidence for what happened on 9-11.

I know, people don’t want to hear that 9-11 was actually perpetrated by the American government.  You may have already dismissed me as a tinfoil hat nimrod for making such a claim.  But look at this evidence.  Regardless of the fact that conspiracy theorists are offering theories supported by a multitude of facts versus the unsupported inconsistencies in the official government explanation, there is proof that the official version is propaganda.  Government explainers and debunkers offer only surface solutions to problems with the government’s story of 9-11.  The videos I have linked here both reference an obvious attempt by the government to cover their tracks.  Sonnenfeld worked as a photographer for FEMA.  He reveals the myriad of details he witnessed and photographed in the destruction and aftermath of 9-11.  He was one of only a couple of photographers who were allowed to take such pictures.  Because he did not keep the government’s secrets, he has been accused of the murder of his first wife (though it was apparently previously ruled a suicide) and now faces life in prison so that the US Government can control his testimony about what happened.  I desperately wanted to disprove the conspiracy theorist when I first stumbled over this information in 2012.  I searched both sides.  I now know that some human beings are despicable and profited from mass murder.

So the obvious conclusion is… we are all gonna die!  Do I actually believe that?  Of course I don’t.  I believe in solutions to problems.  I believe that human beings are good by nature, not evil.  Evil is a learned behavior.  It is a behavior that is outnumbered and usually overcome by the general goodness of mankind.  Will the 9-11 perpetrators ever be punished?  Probably not.  Will we extinguish our own planet?  I hope not.  If I am wrong, and the evil in our world outweighs the good, then we deserve what’s coming to us, and the universe will find a new way to express the goodness inherent in being alive.

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