Troll Treasure

Troll Treasure 2Here is an old Paffooney revisited.  Here Prince Robin leads a team of adventurers deep into the darkling wood where they find and take on a troll.  The two dwarven filchers are no match for the man-beast, but two of the rogue’s well-placed arrows bring him down.  And the treasure is magical and valuable beyond their wildest dreams.  But is that an evil glow on the diamond known as the troll’s heart?  Will it corrupt the beautiful young rogue?  I simply do not know.


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7 responses to “Troll Treasure

  1. It’s like Disney meets Dungeons and Dragons. It’s D, D and D:P

    • Thank you. You hit the nail on the head. My artistic style is completely stolen from Disney, and I am one of those geek-nerds who live in perpetual Dungeon and Dragons metaphors. You are vigilant and insightful, my friend.

      • I would not copy Disney unless you want to work as a Disney drone like those faceless guys in the Black Hole movie. I suppose, if you are young enough, it seems cool to copy or, at least, practice by drawing from such sources. But, I have changed my old ways a bit. I guess I am just a lil anti-Disney as of late (the past 18 years). I still appreciate some aspects/pieces of the “empire’s” work but I am skeptical of what goes on behind the screen.

        D and D metaphors? Such as? I consider myself Metaphor Man.

        Thanks for the compliment 😀

      • I am like a Disney doppleganger because I absorbed it when I was a kid. I can make myself a Disney clone now any time I choose. I don’t do corporate Troll things because the Disney drawing style is a dragon treasure I have stolen and use as I please. Does that satisfy Metaphor Man’s metaphor-and-simile vision?

      • I wouldn’t say you are a clone, but the one image I’ve commented on bears some similarities. I’d say your Mickey is a bit more…unique, like Chuck E. Cheese.

        You confuse me. You don’t do “Troll” things (with a capital T?) but the style is a “dragon treasure” (?) you have stolen and use as you please. Oh, these are attempts at DnD metaphors. I see.

        No, not really:) But, you came close. 😀

      • Okay, I give up. Metaphor Man has used his consistency vision to melt my mangled metaphors into grisly goo.

      • You need to cast a spell of understanding (or whatever language translation spell Steve Jackson featured in his Sorcery! books of which I have 3 of the 4 books and cannot remember any of the spell names). For now, it will cost you 1 skill point:P hehe Good luck with the yellow mold in the next room; I think it’s ear wax:)

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