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Consequences of Art


This little picture Paffooney is a work that makes me sick.  Now, I don’t want to mislead you, but it I literally mean it makes me sick.  So let me explain quickly before I have to do something about the nausea.  I drew this from a black-and-white photo of a zebra on a day when I was seriously ill with the flu.  It took a good deal of concentration while having a headache and fever to draw the detailed, stripey form.  The stripes, the zig-zags, the cross-hatches, all conspired with the dizziness and the fever to permanently impress the feelings on my brain.  I can’t look at it now without feeling queasy.  So why am I posting it now?  Well, it shouldn’t have the same effect on you.  And I can post it and look at it now without feeling any worse because I am now sick with fever and possibly flu.  I hope you like this more than I do.

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