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Publishing in the 1940’s

Yes, I think I was born entirely in the wrong time.  I could’ve been a great pulp fiction cover artist.   Of course, I would’ve done great work and starved to death, because that’s what most of them did.  It was, however, a time when art was blazing with brightly-colored surrealism.  I was inspired by the artwork in this book; Pulp Culture, the Art of Fiction Magazines by Frank Robinson and Lawrence Davidson.


I used to find secret treasures like this in my Uncles’ bedroom when I played there at Grandpa’s house in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.  They were full of cowboys with sixguns, pirates and skeletons, poisonous snakes, nearly nude ladies, and science fiction heroes from the future.  So I decided to create one of my own.


What’s it all about?  Surrealism’s quest to make life more like art.  Pretty heroines can strike back at the heart of evil with goodness, and sweetness, and most importantly, nearly nakedness.  We can skew the future by applying the wisdom learned in the past.  You know, pure unadulterated fantasy.  And hopefully we will be making a skew towards goodness and the light, not darkness and evil.    

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