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Mickey Draws Mickey


I learned to draw comics by copying the comics.  So how many times has Mickey actually drawn Mickey?  More than I can count.  I hate throwing a drawing away, even if I did it when I was ten.  But I cannot find all the drawings I have done of Mickey Mouse.  I know some have been given away, some have gotten lost, and some may have even gone up in flames in the garbage barrel out back of the house in the 1960’s.  I have posted pictures of Mickey before.  Remember this one?


But I can basically do Mickey without looking at any references.  I can do him well enough that people often say, “You didn’t really draw that, did you?”  That’s why I included the simple pen and ink stage of today’s Mickey.  You can see it is really me drawing it.  But the absolute truth is, I draw Mickey because in so many ways I am Mickey.  Yes, I’m a talking mouse that drives a car and owns a dog.  And even though Disney sues right and left for any imagined copyright infringement, I can safely post this here because it is fan art… and I don’t get paid anything for this goofy blog anyway.  It is homage, not theft of intellectual property.

So, here is the final product, drawn this morning, the day after St. Patrick’s day 2016.



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Cody and the Eagle

One of the factors that allowed me to learn cartooning was the fact that I would copy anything Disney.  I copied all kinds of Disney characters.  I drew Disney princesses, Duckburg Ducks, Dopey, Lady and the Tramp, Goofy, Mickey, and Tinkerbell.  This is not complete list.  Now, I know copying is plagiarism.  I know I will never make these characters my own.  But Disney taught me to draw.  I picked up on many Disney techniques.  Walt Kelly eyes… rubber hose arms… child-faces… cartoon animals… eagles…  Well, here’s a sample of my bald-faced thievery of Disney ideas.

Cody 1


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