Mickey Writes

Chalkboard Girl is poking fun at me again. Dang her pigtails!

My name is Michael Beyer. That’s the name I put on the covers of all my books. So, technically, Mickey is not me. Mickey is my cartoonist’s name. It is the top layer of the onions that is my writing.

But what does it actually mean that “Mickey Writes?”

Well, since Mickey is really the cartoonist in me, it means that everything he writes is most likely not very serious, possibly exaggerated, and definitely more fictionalized (read that as telling lies) than universal truth, and maybe ten percent evil.

But Mickey writes primarily because he has to write in order to feel alive. It is something he has been doing since he was a child. It all began with the inner narrator in his stupid head. That progressed to putting stories and daily journal entries down in spiral notebooks and looseleaf notebooks, and those crazy empty books that you can get cheaply at B Dalton’s, or Half-Price Books, or Books-a-Million, or any other bookstore that still has stores open anywhere or still is in business (heck! why didn’t the fool just say Amazon Books online?) And now, woe to you, he does the same thing in this daily blog. And, believe it or not, it’s like all that private head-juice and moldiness is published online so that you can actually read weird things like this essay.

Two portrayals, one a fictional character who represents a real person from Mickey’s past, and one fictional character that represents the D & D character that the fictional character plays when the Norwall Pirates play D & D.

The problem is that one of the layers of the onion is spoiling, keeping Mickeey from taking the ideas simmering in his stupid head and adding it to the deeper layers of the savory onion of ideas to make a more exotic onion soup. (In the stupid-headed metaphor, soup apparently means NOVEL.)

The layer that controls the writing and editing is spoiling because Mickey’s eyes are deteriorating with glaucoma and old age. He can’t see the computer screen he’s writing on well enough to effectively create paragraphs, or edit the mistakes that his stupid head and arthritic fingers inevitably make. At least, Mickey can’t do it effectively fast.

Right now, Mickey is still pecking out progress on his novel The Haunted Toy Store. But at a highly reduced rate. So, the ghost stories are crawling along. But not much else is happening.

Other projects are not faring as well.

My depression novel, He Rose on a Golden Wing was the first novel that I stalled and put on hold. It is a complex story full of magic and suffering and critical depression-coping that seems to me like a great story. But Mickey had to table it for later because it has become so difficult to edit it and control the typing of it, since I had to change the format three times and so much of the edit doesn’t get done correctly by my failing vision.

The same problems that plague He Rose… have also stalled The Education of Poppensparkle, even though I am only two chapters from the end of the story. Again, format changes for three different computers and two different word processors, and, since I am trying to illustrate every chapter, the inability to draw also affects this book.

And AeroQuest 5 is finished, but I am unable to finish a difficult revision and editing of it for publication.

So, there are too many things that Mickey is NOT writing that he should be. The time for “Slow and Steady wins the race” has come. I am putting eye drops in Mickey’s old eyes. I am slowing down my daily writing and trying not only to pace myself better, but to get old Mickey back on a more reasonable daily schedule. Time will tell if I can ever publish anything anymore except for this onion pile of a blog.


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