February Freezing

The fact that Texas weather now turns to freezing in February on a yearly basis is a matter of some concern and existential dread. The last three times we went through this we lucked out at our house, with an electric company that may be a little expensive, but not one of the ones that lose power and lets people freeze to death. It is certainly possible that this time we will roll snake eyes on the matter, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Things are no better where my sister is now living in the house we inherited from our mother. The power grid is a bit more secure in Iowa than it is in Texas. But snow and cold are visiting there too.

My car has been grounded by ice both yesterday and today, so I walked to the grocery store and back each day. I may have to do it again tomorrow. The forecast has already caused school cancellations for tomorrow. But I have not seen any snow babies yet, and that means I will probably not freeze to death this February.

Just a suggestion.


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