Random Art for No Good Reason

Sherry Cobble, twin sister of Shelly, nudist, Iowan
When I was a child, this is what the inside of my mind looked like if you added a million more images that I didn’t have room to draw here.
Surrealism is when you make what can’t possibly be real look real.
Is this what music looks like if you can’t hear it with your ears but can only see it with your inner eyes?
Can you look into someone’s eyes and tell who they are? Especially if they tell you they are a dragon?
Can this picture make you sad? What if I told you the child died of cancer? Is it the picture that makes you sad, or what I told you?
This is a photograph. Does that mean that what is in the picture is real?
Does this picture mean anything at all? How about if I told you this entire post was put together while watching a video about the philosophy of Immanuel Kant? It was about how we use pure thought to understand everything our senses alert us to. Does the picture fit into the concepts you already have in your head? A naked child putting together puzzle pieces that are falling like snow?

I have no reason for putting this post together. But I wonder;..

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