The Queen is Dead

Yes, my mother died a year ago. I am in my middle 60s, she was in her late 80s when she passed away. That is a long time to have someone in your life, more than 60 years of love and care. She was a registered nurse working in hospitals in Iowa and Texas for more than 40 years. She taught me about service to others. It is the main reason I became a teacher of children rather than a comic book artist.

She also taught me to make porcelain dolls. We went together on a kiln from California, each of us paying half of the thing’s value. She and her doll-making friends led the way, learning how to fire the porcelain, paint the dolls, give them wigs, make their clothes, and basically give them life. She taught me this art too.

This is one she made for me. The pattern was called “Tom Sawyer.” I call him Tom. He’s entirely lifelike. That is why he has to live in or near my bedroom. My wife doesn’t like the way he looks at her. And so she claims he could come to life in the night and do goblin-like tricks against her.

Personally, I defend him since he has taken the blame for things I actually did on more than one occasion.

Nicole (Below) is also one she made with her own hands. The clothes on these dolls were made with her sewing skills as well.

She is the one at the root of my doll-collecting mania.

Yes, the Queen is dead. I heard the news from England. But she has also been gone from my life for a year now. My heart is still broken. And I feel bad for the one in England too. But I didn’t really know her.

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