Art Because I’m a Nudist

Yes, be warned, these are all drawings of nude people. But not porn. Innocent, nature-loving nudes. So, if that offends you, look no further.

Being a nudist does actually change the way you see things, though not merely which crayon you draw with.
As an artist who is a nudist, if I picture the subject’s private parts, that is merely a detail, never the reason the picture exists.
I prefer to draw nudists as only casually nude, catching them in their everyday habits.
Just like a Rennaisance painter, I often use mythology as an excuse for creating nude portraits.
Sometimes the purpose of the picture is not even the nude figures themselves, but rather, the mood.

The real question with a drawing like this is, “How well can you draw it, Mickey?”

It is also important to realize if you are drawing from a real-life model, especially an under-aged model, you don’t want to make it so well that the model can be identified and stalked in the real world. Though I am not a good enough portrait artist to really worry about that.

And, of course, naked is funny in comic situations.
So, yeah… nudism.

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