Drawings that use Metaphors

Ah, Reluctant Rabbit using the big pencil in the front of the classroom. What could that be a metaphor for? How about teaching kids by showing them how? You teach writing by writing in front of the class, talking out loud about your process, editing yourself, and polishing your writing in front of those who need to learn those skills.

So, here is the metaphor in action. Me teaching 7th graders.

Is an avatar not a metaphor for me?

Mr. Dickens, Mr. Shakespeare, Mr. Disney, and Mr. Poe… do I really need to explain this metaphor?
If the horns are the metaphors, what does that say about my boys?
What’s the meaning of the metaphors here?
Foolish bravery, positive thinking, and terrible circumstances (That’s not a parachute in his backpack, it’s the picnic lunch he would share with Gretchen after the mission.)

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