Saturday D&D Posts

I chose Saturday to talk about family table-top story-telling adventures because Saturday is a lazy day of recovery for the week.  It needed to be about easy things to write about that I love to do.  Playing Dungeons and Dragons and other role-playing games are definitely things I love to do.  And I love to draw D&D characters and monsters.  These posts would be a way to do picture posts that are relatively easy to do.

It gives me a chance to recapture and retell some of the spontaneously-created stories of adventure I have told over time.  I like telling stories about dragons and wizards and heroes and villains. I glory in it.

And Saturday D&D posts give me a chance to show off my game miniatures and castle constructs, some of which are merely collected, but many of which I painted or constructed myself.

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So, this is my D&D post about writing D&D posts.  I enjoyed sharing it with you.  And it is easy to do.  I am basically lazy on Saturdays.

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