Free Book Promotions

For about three years now I have been giving an e-book away for free every month. I have enough books now to do a different book every month for more than an entire year. This month I am giving away a book for the second time that is made up entirely of essays from this blog. It is a little bit autobiography, a little bit teacher philosophy, a bigger bit of really bad poetry, and an even bigger bit of ridiculousness.

All you have to do is click on the link above, and purchase the e-book for zero dollars. It can be read on any kindle device or on the kindle cloud.

The book has lots of Mickey’s questionable wisdom.

A story about Moose Bowling…

The philosophy of bad poetry writing and the proof that Mickey is a master of making colossally bad poetry.

An explanation of how Mickey did the insane thing of becoming a middle-school English teacher, and accidentally also became a nudist and a writer of fiction that normalizes naturism.

And there is more than a mere dollop of Mickey’s strangely interesting colored-pencil cartoons.

And did I mention that there is Moose Bowling?

I don’t really know if this repeating monthly strategy does me any good at all as an author. But I have given away more books than I have sold, and suspect that most of my reviews come from the beneficiaries of free books that actually took the risk of reading them.

So, get one for yourself. You may even like it.

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