Soft and Subtle Surrealism

Surrealism is basically the putting together of things that don’t go together to realistically portray what is not real. And sometimes it can be done in ways that you don’t realize are, in fact, examples of surrealism, unless you look at it and think about it more carefully. So, can you tell me why “The Wizard of Edo” above is surrealism?

This one is obvious even though I used photographs to draw every single element.

Cartoons, especially bizarre cartoons, are all surrealistic, though not all of them lack subtlety as much as this one does.

Some surrealism is highly horrific unless you think of this as merely a portrait of Boris Karloff in make-up.

It is inherent in surrealism that the images are going to make you stop and think about what it means.

Surrealism is very much realized through the realistic details.

There was a time when relatives might have told me that this was a realistic picture of my two sons. However, they didn’t tell me that since I drew it sixteen years before my eldest son was born.

So, is there anything at all surreal about this picture? Besides the fact that Sherry Cobble couldn’t arrive at school naked, I mean?

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