The Reds and the Blues

Lord, grant me peace

In times of great violence

Grant me wisdom

As everything around me burns in ignorance

Let the cold blues

Be tempered with warm reds

Let me juggle life’s fortunes and misfortunes alike

Red balls over blue balls

Yellow, purple, and green

Over and under

The spiraling path

I’ll keep written records

In journals with pictures

And share my discoveries

With any who’ll listen

And I’ll always keep close in my heart

The people and places and memories

That mattered and shattered

The whole color wheel

Because Shakespeare once showed us the whole color wheel

Is necessary for magic to form on the page

And though yellow is also a primary too

It’s the reds that warm life as the color of blood

And the blues let us chill as the deeper color of ice

But let there no period be

To stop the color progression

Of this warm/cold blank verse

Nor rhythm or rhyme sully

The Reds and the Blues


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5 responses to “The Reds and the Blues

  1. Mickey, could this be a new version of the Red and Black song from Le Miz? Good post. I have been on the phone with a few Congressional staff members, applauding one for her political courage to call one of her own tribe on the carpet for the person’s continuing vile and bigoted remarks. The truth teller is being condemned for doing the right thing. I also called a member of the same tribe, my Congressman, for being silent and not condemning poor actions of members and not coming to the defense of those who are being vilified for doing the right thing.

    Red or blue does not matter. When certain members of the either tribe defame the office they hold, the members of the same tribe should be the first to condemn their actions. Absent that, they are condoning such vile words and actions. We need those colors to be representative of our better angels not our worst demons. If they do not know the difference, they need to resign. Keith

    • This blank verse of mine is only meant to be political in the sense of an undertone. Red, Blue, and Yellow are the primary colors. Red is my favorite color. Blue means sadness to me, and yellow is the color of happiness. All three need to be balance for the picture to be complete. Unfortunately thay are out of balance now. My cousin with Covid died on Monday morning. She was an anti-vaxxer for political reasons. And my paint pot is filled only with blue now, a thing I discovered after the poem was finished.

    • I forgot to mention that red means passion,heart, and love.

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