What Makes You Think You Can Draw, Mickey?

Drawing is a matter of life-long practice and a honing of skills. Honing? I like that word. A hone is a fine-grained whetstone for sharpening knives or cutting edges. It can also mean sharpening the details, clarifying and making more accutate the process you are performing.

So, what’s wrong with this picture?

Well, the unicorn who posed for it had round glasses and didn’t stick his tongue out while posing.

Honing is needed.

And this one… if they were actually all playing the notes we see being played here, it would be cacophony. Why didn’t you get the sound right.in this drawing, Mickey?

And these duck eyes aren’t realistic because mallards are usually much angrier when they are looking at you in real life. Where’s the red blood vessels around the edges of the eye-whites that real ducks don’t even have?

And this evil smile is not supported by necessary details. Where’s the MAGA hat? And why does his left hand not contain the severed pigtails of the girl who sits in front of him in Science Class?

And this picture? Is this supposed to be Cupid? The tip of his arrow is not dripping with love-potion. And if you look closely, you can see the wrinkles in the paper it’s drawn on. Honing is needed, Mickey!


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3 responses to “What Makes You Think You Can Draw, Mickey?

  1. The unicorn was led astray. His rounded glasses wouldn’t suit his face. Can’t believe someone charged him for subpar frames. SMH. The tongue is probably something he doesn’t do, but it brings out his dry sense of humor that only comes out when he’s talking. So I’m sure he was pleasantly surprised!

    There may be wrinkles in Cupid’s arrow because he’s still so young. The blindfold is because he nearly shot his eye out!

    This was him. Thank you!

    • I’m so glad you recognize these facts. It makes me feel less guilty about drawing them incorrectly.

      • There is nothing to feel guilty about – you made both of them shine as they were in that moment. With the unicorn you took away that which detracted and added that which would make his true self shine. With the child dressed as cupid (for Halloween, maybe?), his parents never should have gotten him that BB gun for Christmas…..

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