How to Survive When Diabetes Bites Your Head

My daughter being squinched in the hug of Minnie Mouse. (She was younger then, Minnie I mean.)

My family is vacationing in Florida this week, at Disney World for at least three of those days. They promised to send me pictures. Since they haven’t yet, I included this old picture from almost a decade and a half ago.

I made the horrible mistake today while home alone of having a cheeseburger for lunch instead of the usual popcorn and cheese.

My diabetes took exception to the dietary change and took a big bite out of my brain. I am not suggesting I had a stroke. No proof of thar. I can touch the tip of my nose with both of my hands, and I can raise both of my arms completely over my head. My blood sugar was at 177 however and rising. I have a headache. And typing this is a slow nightmare of key strokes gone wrong.

You might think that resting is what I should be doing. But if you do think that, it is because you have never had a high-blood-sugar episode with nobody around to help and no insulin available. I am not going to die, but it is necessary to keep my brain working, which I do by writing this and fixing every place where I miss-type a U for an I or a 9 for a U.

You may not think this all sounds funny, but high blood sugar can make you feel kinda drunk and laughing helps lower it. That alone can make the U’s and 9’s hilarious.

There are dragons breathing fire in my brain.

Cussing also relieves some of the brain pain brought on by trying to find a second illustration for this article through the murk of diabetic confusion. When I misspell words, too, I can shout “Firetruck!” with five letters missing, turn to the spellchecker, and continue on by laughing at myself while cussing when nobody can possibly hear me.

That is, you realize, something my wife never lets me do, even if it will keep me alive.

This part right here is representative of the minutes I was unconscious. A dream-filled sleep of probably only a few minutes. Blood sugar is now 140 and going down. My head is clearing. I can now correct all the spelling errors that are left, surprisingly only two… including “surprisingly” which I just now miss-typed.

I briefly considered not publishing this essay, but it does prove I can write when writing is not easy. For that reason I will share it, though I must soon go walking and making my blood circulate more.


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2 responses to “How to Survive When Diabetes Bites Your Head

  1. Mickey, I am sorry you cannot be with them as well as your travails. Take care, Keith

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