The Next Reasonable Step

I am now spending a week alone. My wife and kids, and my eldest son’s fiancé are all in Florida visiting Disney World. I get to stay home with the dog. Sounds like sour grapes, right? It’s not. I physically cannot handle the airplane ride, let alone a walk around the world’s largest network of entertainment theme parks. And this may be my wife’s last trip there as she suffers from arthritis too. And number two son is likely going to the Air Force training camp in December. Time is running out on the family being all together. And it has already run out on me as far as this tourist-trip plan for November.

I managed to qualify for Medicare Parts A & B on Tuesday. I turn 65 next week. So, there really is not a lot of life left to plan for on the road before me. So, what can I reasonably do next?

I will not be toe-dancing like Mikhail Barishnikov. I will not be able to play left field for the St. Louis Cardinals. Climbing Mount Everest or landing on Mars with Elon Musk are neither one going to happen for me.

But I have three books in the works. AeroQuest 4 just needs the second edit on the rewrite to be complete before I get it published on Amazon. The Necromancer’s Apprentice has passed the point in the rough draft where it can be considered a novella. It will now be a complete novel of at least 30,000 words. He Rose on a Golden Wing is almost as far along as a rough draft. And yes, I do write more than one book at the same time.

But finishing any of those is a reasonable next step. I can fight an interstellar war defending the airless pirate world called Outpost from the evil Imperium. I can train students of magic in Eli Tragedy’s tower to make them fit to fight an evil necromancer. And I can help three teenagers battle through suicidal depression. Those are not things to be sneezed at. Laughed at, yes. Sneezing… no. Finishing another novel is the next reasonable step in my plan.

Or, as you can plainly see… I can play with my toys. Probably not a reasonable next step, though.

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