Art on the Calendar

My blog began in 2013 after the publication of Catch a Falling Star.

This picture/illustration from my failed novel, AeroQuest, appeared on the blog that first year.

2014 Davalon and Farbick from Catch a Falling Star

In 2015 my book Snow Babies killed an Indie Publisher and I found a rip-off publisher for Magical Miss Morgan.

In 2016 I realized I could publish for myself with Amazon.

In 2017 I began publishing at least 2 novels a year.

By 2018 my blog was percolating along with a post every day.

2019 found me publishing novels set in 3 different decades, the 70’s, 80’s, & 90’s.

The pandemic in 2020 made me more productive, publishing 6 books.

2021… I have now shown you one artwork from each year of my blog.

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