Creeping Doubts and Paranoia

My views on WordPress have been blowing up. Last week I had over 2,000 views for the first time ever in a single week. The primary culprit, a post about nudists called Nudist Notions. It had 465 views last week, almost a quarter of the total, although it got nary a single like.

Here’s a link if you’re interested in seeing what awful thing is in it that anonymous viewers are drawn to like flies.

I am not particularly worried about anyone using my post to do evil with it. The three pictures contain nothing that is lewd or pornographic. Two of the pictures are my own artwork containing an altered photograph and colored-pencil nudes that don’t show any body parts that would be considered completely private. The photo of a real nudist family making a sand-castle on the beach does not show their privates either.

The essay is basically about the publication of my book Superchicken which has nudist characters in it and recently got a five-star review from one of my nudist friends from Twitter. Neither the book or the post say anything particularly negative about nudists or nudism, so the viewing explosion is probably not due to nudists as they would like or comment as they have in the past. And if it’s a brewing backlash, I have no idea about what they are backlashing against

So, what do I have to worry about? Is it the Russians again, threatening to blackmail me by telling my wife that I am a nudist? She wasn’t happy about it the last time they called, even though she knew about my nudist tendencies from long ago. She just doesn’t like being called by Russians. Is it chickens planning to assassinate me for revealing the existence of Chicken-dance-Fu, the chosen combat style of chicken ninjas that think I was talking about them instead of the kind of chicken that has no feathers? Over 400 chickens were looking at my blog last week? Or maybe just the ones working for the FBI?

I suppose I should simply be happy that I am getting more views and as much as six cents of ad revenue per day on my blog. Jeez, the pennies are just rolling in.

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