Fear Not, the Dark Angel

Today I got the news I didn’t want to hear. My mother, who will be 87 in October, is no longer going to be able to keep going. Her kidneys are failing. So is her heart. If she goes on dialysis for her kidney function, her heart will give out. If we have her heart get the procedures she needs, her kidneys will do her in.

I do not fear death. Personally, I am at peace with the past, present, and the future. There is no reason to welcome death, but it is not a matter of grave concern to me.

I will not get a chance to be by my mother’s side when death comes for her. Like my father last year, she is slipping into a condition where she doesn’t know who or where she is, or who anybody around her is. So, I have to be able to live with my last words said to her that she understood were all in my goodbye when we left Iowa to come back to Texas back in July.

My own health is questionable.. It is a travel of more than 700 miles with both ends of the journey in States where Delta Coronavirus is raging out of control. So, just like my father a year ago, I may not even be able to attend her funeral.

But love is stronger than death. I may not get to tell her I love her and have her understand me before she is gone. But she already knows. We all know where our heart is and where it came from. And mine came from hers.


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5 responses to “Fear Not, the Dark Angel

  1. As a good friend of Mistress Death, I wish you and your family all the best. May all turn out for the best for everyone involved.

  2. scifimike70

    Love is indeed stronger than death. I also wish you all the best for you and your family. 🙏🏻

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